Saturday, October 3, 2009

Post Marathon

This has been a slow and easy week. A series of stress-free, low-stakes runs have been a nice mental break. I've been pretty stiff, especially in the quads. Monday and Tuesday I could hard lift them and going down steps was no easy task. By Thursday, I was back to a normal gait but still slow. Today's rain kept the pace slow, not that it would've been fast.

Tomorrow is the Rome Blvd. Road Race. This is a big fundraiser for my school, and I feel an obligation to run. I'll participate; I won't be racing. We hope to bring in a lot of dough for our student-athletes.

Saturday 10.3.09
AM: core and 8 miles in 65:48
Running various trails on Adams Farm. Going slow but I don't know how slow. Don't want to give myself extra credit for miles I may not have logged.

Friday 10.2.09
PM: lifting routine
Normal sequence at the rec center. Did both dynamic and static leg stretching.

Thursday 10.1.09
AM: core
PM: 6.25 miles in 55:12
Over to Aggie to run on soft surfaces. First day since the 26.2 in which I feel like the upper legs are loosening.

Wednesday 9.30.09
AM: 61 minutes bike on indoor trainer
Pre-work bike ride. Felt better on the bike than the last two days of running.

Tuesday 9.29.09
AM: core
PM: 3 miles in 30:14
Stiffer than Monday. Going at a snail's pace but still thrilled w/ Sunday's PR.

Monday 9.28.09
AM: core
PM 4 miles in 41:36
Felt slow. At first I thought I might be doing 9:00's but upon further reflection now think it might've been closer to 10:00's. Downhills are especially difficult. My quads are ultra-stiff. It's worth it, though, for sure.

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