Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Week in Running: 9.28 to 10.4.09

Ended this week w/ the Rome Blvd. Road Race. I didn't race in this event as I'm still a bit stiff from the Clarence DeMar Marathon. I came in 13th place w/ a time of 31:46 for 6:21 pace. This was a stressless race. I took it easy the whole way. My breathing and energy levels were great but the quads, in particular, are still stiff so I backed off. I never intended to race this event. This race is one of those that you feel obligated to run every year. Every runner has a race like that once or twice per year, where you feel you have to run it even if it's not the best fit with your schedule or training plan.

With a two mile warmup and cooldown, I logged nine miles for the day.

I'm planning on getting back at it this week w/ some faster stuff. Can't be much slower than last week. Am thinking that the uptempo race today might've exorcised some of the lingering soreness from my legs. If that didn't do it, Tuesday morning surely will. I have an appt. w/ Mika.

Weekly Data
30 1/2 miles in 5 runs
4 core workouts
61 minutes on the bike
1 lifting sequence

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