Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Week in Running

Sunday 10.18.09
AM: core and 15 miles in 95:00
I am a whip. Did this run on the t'mill. Was thinking about racing but with the recent headcold and poor weather conditions, I opted out. Felt good on the treadmill and did a steady progression run. The last 10k was sub 6:00. My fastest mile = 5:24 and that was w/out major stress. A good run that left me thinking: how would I have raced today? On the upside, I spent the day w/ the family and that was fun.

Saturday 10.17.09
AM: 7.25 miles in 53:40
Headcold is making me groggy and tired. Still thinking about whether or not to race so made today my easy day in case I'm feeling real strong later in the day.

Friday 10.16.09
PM: lifting routine
Feeling like absolute crap, but headed to the gym and threw some iron around for 80 minutes or so. Did some stretches too.

Weekly Data
52 1/2 miles in 5 runs
5 core workouts
50 minutes on the bike
1 lifting sequence

Two late nights at work and a cold left my mileage shorter than I would've liked. Was thinking about a race but that didn't happen. Want to do two more races w/in the next month. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape. I've felt strong in the legs lately.

Just checked the Bay State Marathon results. Congrats to a couple of CMS guys, Justin Fyffe and Jim Johnson, for excellent races in poor weather. Old battery mate Tim Snow ran fast in the half as well.

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