Saturday, November 7, 2009

Diaper Run

Saturday 11.7.09
AM: core and 6.5 miles in 50:47
This was a diaper run. Last night, after I got home from grocery shopping, I headed out to the gym for a light workout. It being pitch black when I left, I didn't see or remember leaving two packages of diapers on top of the car. I put them there when I was unloading the sundry items and KJ and simply forgot. Didn't remember 'til I was on the ab machine. Returning home, I kept my eyes peeled for diapers. Nothing. This morning I went out again on foot to try to find two packs of Huggies somewhere on the side of the road. Nothing. Nearly $40 down the drain. Maybe somebody who needs free diapers took them.

Today's run was sluggish, very sluggish at the start. It got better but not much faster as it progressed. Keeping it easy in prep for tomorrow's race: Larry Robinson 10 Miler in Andover.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Friday 11.6.09
PM: lifting routine
Cut back a few reps on each set due to the upcoming race on Sunday.

Thursday 11.5.09
AM: core
PM: 7.25 miles in 54:37
An easy day. This is a cut back week. Got out a little earlier than yesterday which allowed me to run on trail longer. Hoping these easy runs will lead to fresh legs on Sunday.

The below shots are from The Canton Fall Classic. Good job by Christopher's Photography.

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