Monday, November 23, 2009

Norwood Turkey Trot

The Norwood Turkey Trot is a four mile race hosted by Clay Chevrolet. This year was its 23rd running.

The Skinny
time - 21:10 (officially, :09 on my watch)
place - 8
division place - 6
pace - 5:18
mile 1 - 5:09
mile 2 - 5:24
mile 3 - 5:24
mile 4 - 5:13

The Full Race Report
Bit of a dangerous race for this time of year in that everything was hosted out of doors. Luckily, the weather cooperated with overcast skies, a slight wind, and temperatures in the low fifties.

Did a little over two miles for a warmup and didn't feel great. I know my body well enough now not to read anything into this, so I proceeded unphased.

While stretching on the starting line, a guy looks at me and points. "No good," he said. I gave him a look. He proceeds, "No static stretching thirty minutes before you run. It'll slow you down." I hadn't heard this before. Maybe he was right.

The gun goes off and Joe Navas, Jason Cakouros, Tony DeLonge, et al take out a pack of about ten. I was on the back end of this pack and immediately wondered, "why is this feeling so hard so early?" I clung to the back of this pack for much of the first straightaway which is almost a mile. This certainly wasn't going to be the Canton 5k in which my legs were popping. My legs were heavy, and I couldn't get them moving.

After the first mile marker, the pack started to thin ever so slightly. Thinning was largely due to the uphill slope on Washington Street. I could feel myself settling; my body couldn't respond to any moves.

Approaching the third mile mark, I heard what turned out to be the footsteps of Lee Danforth. He woke me out of my mid-race haze. We battled and I wouldn't let him pass me. We went back and forth and started closing the gap on two other runners, Tom Deeg and Phil Gingras. I didn't realize that at the time, however. Danforth passed me in the neighborhood block before the final straightway. I passed him back on that last long straightaway (I'm guessing between a 1/2 and 3/4 of a mile).

Deeg slowed and actually said, "Go get 'em. I've had enough." I retorted, "Ok." I was working pretty hard now and looking for the finish chute. I was closing the gap on Phil and thought I might be able to catch him. Then, with about 200 to go, I hear the footsteps of Danforth. I didn't want to go just then, but I could hear him so I had to. I was bearing down pretty hard and fought him off the best I could. We were both closing on Gingras pretty good. Lee caught him and I didn't, which means Lee caught me. I went too early but was glad that I did. The last twenty meters were ugly. Perhaps if I waited, I would've caught Gingras but I didn't.

I did a cool down w/ some
HFC guys. Jason Cakouros, a monster of a runner, always makes me feel slow. I should've been up there mixing it up with him and his teammate Scott. I actually think Jason wants me to mix it up with him b/c he told me as much. Found out an interesting fact on the cool down, Danforth is a former half miler w/ a 1:51 to his credit. When recounting the end of the race, the HFC guys laughed and said that Danforth outkicks everybody. This is good information to know for future racing. Apparently, in an HFC DMR Danforth threw down a 49-point split in the 400m.

HFC won the team prize (cash). I think if CMS fielded a team for this event we would be in the hunt. I put CMS as my team affiliation, which the race director interpreted as Catholic Memorial (School). Trust me, I did not go to Catholic Memorial. If I did, I'd be a hockey player not a runner.

Anyway, a somewhat anticlimactic end to what has been one of my best seasons in a long time.
Here are the official results.

By the way, I've only done a couple of 4 milers. I'm pretty sure this time was my PR. I'll have to check my logs to validate.

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J.Fyffe said...

Great Report. I felt like I was in the race! I look forward to racing with you soon. I think CMS is going to have an even better year in 2010 (with your help of course). Keep it up. Maybe we can get together for a workout this winter.

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