Sunday, November 29, 2009

This Week in Running (and Eating)

I think I spent more time eating this week than running. I'm afraid to put my feet on the scale. I overate and under-ran. The under running was planned as I'm on a running vacation. I'll be laying low for the next 10-14 days. I still did a couple of light runs with da brothas. Here's what we did:

Thursday 11.26.09
AM: 3 miles in 26:40
Dave and I had to do something so we wouldn't feel so guilty about stuffing our faces later that afternoon.

Friday 11.27.09
AM: lifting routine at the gym

Saturday 11.28.09
AM: 5.25 miles in 47:58
Easy run w/ Joe and Dave. No worries.

Sunday 11.29.09
PM: core work
I've been eating so much I had to do something.

I was only planning on running two days this week. I have to tell you my day feels a little lost and incomplete without two or three hours dedicated to training. Those light runs were a nice change of routine, especially the post-run as I did not ice my legs. Skipping that step was a rare treat. They feel none worse for the wear.

Weekly Data
22 1/2 miles in 4 runs
3 core workouts
1 lifting routine
1 day completely off
pounds gained ??

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DoubleJ said...

dude, I, along with most of the other guys I know in the area, are with you on this... too much eggnog, pie, cake, and other healthy stuff sitting in the fridge.

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