Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week in Running

Sunday 11.15.09
AM: core and 7 miles in 53:14
Easy day at Adams Farm. No stiffness in the legs. The trails were wet.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Saturday 11.14.09
AM: 11.5 miles in 73:08
Wanted to do this one outside but the torrential downpours and wind put me on the treadmill. Did a short workout. All reps were w/ .25 miles recovery.
3/4 mile - 3:55
1/2 mile - 2:34
1/4 mile - 75
3/4 mile - 3:48
1/2 mile - 2:30
1/4 mile - 75
This workout wouldn't've been possible if we didn't get the t'mill that goes 12 mph. That turned out to be a good decision. Ran the 11th mile in 6:00. Again, this is part of my plan to finish post interval miles at a stronger pace in order to build strength.

Friday 11.13.09
PM: lifting routine
Survived Friday the 13th.

Thursday 11.12.09
AM: core
PM: 10.5 miles in 68:40
After going slow on Wednesday and Monday, I knew I had to get the legs moving. I was also tired pre-run, so I just decided to hit it from the get-go. Did an all road route w/out knowing any mile markers except at the end. Legs still feeling stiff but did the last two in about 6:15 pace.

Weekly Data
51 miles in 5 runs
67 mins. on the bike
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

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