Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Week in Running

First major snowstorm of the season put me on the treadmill today, and I'll likely be on it tomorrow too. Now, in years passed without a treadmill in my possession, these runs would have been out of doors. I like running and cold and snowy conditions; they make me feel dedicated but I'm starting to think the 'mill is the better option. This is b/c I clearly remember last year. It was right around this time in December 2008 we had a similar weekend storm, but last year it started on Friday night. That following Saturday I wanted to get in a long run of about 20 or so. I remember running the long way to the gym, running on the treadmill there, and then running home. Two things I remember about that run:

1- I should've taken more layers off when I got to the gym
2 - my calves tightened considerably b/c my feet kept slipping on the snow and ice

That was the start of my calf woes that hung w/ me all the way into mid-May. I still need to give my left calf extra love after hard runs. But all that slipping made my calf tighten in an effort to grip and a knot eventually formed. This year, a year wizened, I'll learn from my mistakes even if it makes me feel less hardcore. Deep in the recesses of my brain, though, I know it's only a matter of time before I run in the blissful bright sunshine of a snow covered street the morning after a nor'easter.

Friday 12.18.09
PM: lifting routine

Saturday 12.19.09
AM: 13 miles in 95:20
Did a long Adams Farm trail b/c I wanted to get in some trail running before the snow covered them up for the foreseeable future. I run this powerline trail about once every two months and was bummed to see developers constructing a neighborhood right through a part of the trail. That sucks. Contractors and land developers suck.

Sunday 12.20.09
AM: core and 7.15 miles in 50:15
PM: bike 35 minutes on indoor trainer
The run was easy. It felt easy. I had in my mind doing double sessions. Although I didn't run twice, I did get in two cardio bouts today, about which I'm pleased. Not to mention clearing the driveway of snow.

Weekly Numbers
49.15 miles in 5 runs
95 minutes of biking on the indoor trainer (60/35)
5 core workouts
1 lifting routine
1 cleared driveway

My mileage last week was only in the low to mid thirties. The jump of 15 in a week didn't feel forced. Next week I would like to make a less dramatic increase.

One last note: the cool bear logo comes from Paul Low's blog. You should check it out.


DoubleJ said...

good do the 'extra' stuff that I do not...that will hopefully change in 2010 (as one of my resolutions)... I like P-Lo's bloody bear...we should get singlets printed up with that version.... :)

KG said...

I only started doing the core stuff a year or two ago and my body can handle more running b/c of it. I hope it keeps me healthy...The bear is cool; it fits the weather. The blood is just icing on the cake.

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