Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So far so good this week as I start to transition to a regular running routine after a couple weeks of light work. I'm cautious not to up my mileage too dramatic b/c as I know from history this can lead to a setback/injury. I'll spend the next two weeks or so building back up to normal mileage and then start w/ the intensity. I'll do some fartlek stuff and longer pickups on the road, but I don't plan on hitting the track until after Christmas. A non-snow covered outdoor track would be a great gift.

The Footlocker HS championship race was a douzey. Check out all the big running sites, Flotrack, Let's Run, etc to see and read about it.

Wednesday 12.16.09
AM: indoor bike 60 mins
PM: core

Tuesday 12.15.09
AM: core
PM: 8.25 miles in 59:08
Looking for routes that aren't trafficky in the dark.

Monday 12.14.09
AM: core
PM: 10.25 miles in 73:12
Felt pretty good but the breathing was tough. Managed to get 1.5 miles or so on trail before it got too dark. At one point I was at 7:08 then later 6:38.

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