Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Highlights and This Week in Running

A bit late but here are highlights from 2009:

1. By far and beyond all else, the birth of KJ. She rocks. Everything else is a distant second.

2. Setting a PR in the marathon. In dramatic fashion I joined the sub 2:40 club w/ a 2:39.57 at Clarence DeMar. One of the best running moments in my life. For a long time thereafter, I was in awe that I did it.

3. Grabbing the Stu's 30k sweatshirt. Ever since I first ran the race in 2001 and saw that they gave sweatshirts to top performers I wanted one. I got one for 3rd overall in 2009. I love that hoodie.

4. Coming sort of close to a 5k PR. This is proof that you can still have a very good race and be happy w/ a performance even if it isn't a PR. I ran 16:05 at the Canton Fall Classic. I surprised myself w/ this one. It was my first race after DeMar and my legs were snapping and popping in my strides before the race. I actually went out sub 5:00. A good day.

5. Swagging it up at the Larry Robinson 10 Miler. For my efforts I won a coffee cake, a pair of New Balance sneakers, and a $50 gift certificate to Whirlaway Sports. That's pretty good in my book.

Now on to "This Week in Running:"

On Saturday, I did 3 x 2 miles w/ 2:00 recovery. It was cold and this workout did not come easy. I did the repeats on a back and forth mile on the road and had to cross a busy intersection. The pace averaged around 5:50 for all three, maybe a little under. The last time I did something similar, I did 2 x 2 miles w/ 400 meter recovery and averaged sub 11:00.

Saturday's Numbers
13.5 miles in 96:36

On Sunday, I did the easy Adams Farm route. Trail was snow covered but packed hard enough to run on as long as the pace was easy. Nine degrees. Did core prerun.

Sunday's Numbers
7 miles in 53:33

Weekly Numbers
53 1/2 miles in 5 runs
75 minutes on the bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

My miles are a little lower but I'm doing more intense miles than in the fall/summer. I'm not really doing a long run on the weekend, although I hope to do 15+ this upcoming weekend.

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