Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy Not Always Slow; Slow Not Always Easy

The above aphorism is nothing new, but every once in a while you need to remind yourself of it. I can distinctly remember an October run a couple of weeks after the Clarence DeMar Marathon when I was going at a good clip and it felt so easy. I realized then/there that easy doesn't always mean slow. My brain sometimes thinks that for a run to be easy it has to be slow. This is not the case. Easy can be fast--but not that fast b/c to be very very fast you have to reach some level of discomfort.

The inverse of "easy not always slow" also works b/c we all know that slow is not always easy. These are the dead legs runs every runner experiences from time to time. I can be jogging very very slowy, doing the skeleton dance, and it by no means feels easy. When I ran Boston several years ago, I schlepped through the last 10k at a horribly slow pace and finishing that marathon was no easy task.

Hence, easy is not always slow and slow isn't always easy.

Wednesday 1.6.10
AM: core
PM: 11.25 miles in 81:52
8 x "800"
800 in quotation marks b/c there were no clear tracks to run on and I did this workout on a sidestreet. I didn't measure the loop. What I actually did was 8 x 2:45 seconds hard w/ 1:15 recovery. It went well. The loop timed out to be just about 4 minutes long, which was exactly what I was looking for. The first four were easier than the second four. I was working hard and laboring for the last couple. I still finished the workout, however, without totally falling off the pace I established in the first four. With warmup and cooldown, I put in over 11 miles. This was a continuous run. I did not stop before/after/during the repeats.

Thursday 1.7.10
AM: core
PM: 10.25 miles in 71:40
A smooth and steady 70+ minutes. In a nice groove. I wasn't even cold.

Friday 1.8.10
PM: lifting sequence
Missed the gym last Friday due to the New Year holiday, so getting back at it today felt good.

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I like this post and feel your pain brother.

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