Saturday, January 2, 2010

No B.U. Mini Meet for Me So 8 x 1200 Instead

I was going to race at the BU Mini Meet today but didn't. Last time I traveled to a race in the snow it took me 4x longer than it should've and when I finally arrived, the director was announcing that the race was cancelled. I think I still had sour grapes about that experience when I decided not to travel to BU. I regret it now. Perhaps I should have more fully considered the severity of the snow before making my final decision. There were really fast runners at the meet. Some CMS guys-- Justin Fyffe, Alan Bernier, Greg Hammett to name a few-- ran real well. Loads of fast times at the meet today. It would've been nice to be a part of it. Damn. Next time no hemming and hawing-- just get in the car and drive.

Cool Running has the official results.

Although I didn't race, I still got in a good workout. Discovered some interesting conversions today:

3/4 mile = .75 mile = 1320 yards = 1207 meters

I did out the math b/c when I was doing the repeats I actually felt like they were off just by a second or a second and a half. Turns out I was right. This is a bit freakish but it tells me I'm in tune w/ my body right now and that's a nice alignment to have.

The workout was 8 x 1320 yds w/ 440 yds recovery. Basically I did 3/4 of a mile hard w/ 1/4 of a mile recovery.

1- ? 5- 3:56
2- 3:56 6- 3:56
3- 3:56 7- 3:57
4- 3:56 8- 3:55

I did a 4.75 mile warmup and a 2.75 mile cooldown to give me an even 15 for the day. It was a good way to put in 15.

Today's Numbers: 15 miles in 92:09

Now to Friday:
AM: recumbent bike 32 mins.
PM: 2.25 miles in ~19 mins.
Iced and did the stick massage after each mini-piece of exercise. I did the light jog in the evening b/c I wanted to loosen up a bit in preparation for the BU Mini Meet which didn't happen (see above for explanation/excuse).

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J.Fyffe said...

Next time man. It would have been fun to run together but I understand. Good workout.

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