Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week in Running

An uptick in temperature over the last couple days resulted in some good runs. Here are the last 4 days followed by the weekly data:

Thursday 1.14.10
AM: core
PM: 12.5 miles in 76:30
4 x 800, 400
I did this on the treadmill b/c I wanted to run the repeats on distance as opposed to time. The last several speed sessions have been on time due to all the area tracks being snow covered. So, I changed it up for this one. The workout was actually

4 x 1/2 mile w/ 1/4 mile recovery then 1/4 mile w/ 1/4 mile recovery

1/2 - 2:32 1/4 - 75
1/2 - 2:30 1/4 - 75
1/2 - 2:30 1/4 - 75
1/2 - 2:30 1/4 - 75

The repeats came pretty easily. I was working hard while doing them but I wasn't dead. Actually was wishing that the t'mill didn't top out at 12 mph. I might've been able to go a bit faster. I stole this workout from J Fyffe and the Keenyans.

Friday 1.15.10
PM: lifting routine
January is always the most crowded month at a gym.

Saturday 1.16.10
AM: 16 miles in 1:55.56
Started this run in the dark and watched the sun rise. Everyone should watch a sun rise once a year. Bluegray to purple to maroon to orange. Cool. My thinking is evolving: prior I always thought that a long or semi-long day was a hard day. Now, I'm thinking a longer run can be an easy, "recovery" day. I need to hash this out and think about it some more.

Sunday 1.17.10
AM: core and 8.25 miles in 60:08
Another easy day but a little longer than my Sunday usual at Adams Farm. Did a few striders post run. Am looking to increase my focus on neuromuscular training. We'll see what happens there.

Weekly Numbers
60 1/4 miles in 6 runs
60 minutes on the bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting routine

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