Sunday, January 3, 2010

This Year in Running

Before the numbers for the year, this week.

Sunday 1.3.10
AM: core and 7.25 miles in 51:31
Again on the treadmill as it was snowy and the roads were slippery. My sister, who does not own a treadmill, did 10.5 miles in the snow and now reports having very tight calves. With my calf issues of the past I'm glad I hit the t'mill.

Weekly Numbers
60 1/2 miles in 6 runs
5 core workouts
104 mins on the bike (2 times)

I also compiled my miles for the year.

Miles Logged in 2009 = 2,358.10

I thought the total might be a little higher, but in compiling I noticed/remembered that I spend two different parts of the year w/ ailments that either prohibited or severely limited my running for 7 to 8 weeks.

Just for fun, here are other yearly totals:

2008 - 2523.85
2007 - 1890.65
2006 - 651.55

I spent a good deal of 07 and 06 on the dl. I hope to be off it for good now.

I have every mile I have run recorded since my freshman year of high school. Over the next few months I plan to add them up and see how far I have to go if I want to join DD in the six digit club.

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