Friday, February 12, 2010

The Road

The above is a clip from a book not about running but one runners could get a lot out of reading. It's The Road by Cormac McCarthy, one of the best American authors alive today. It's about a man and his boy on a road and not giving up and being good guys and carrying the fire. I think this novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize, can make people better runners.

Wednesday 2.10.10
AM: core, bike 54 mins, run 5 miles in 36:18
Did this workout as a brick. Bike immediately followed by run. Felt good. A nice recovery day.

Thursday 2.11.10
AM: snow shoveling
PM: 13 miles in 81:13
5 x 1 mile
Tuesday's stinker has been erased, effaced, eradicated. Had a real strong workout today. Did the mile repeats w/ .3 mile recovery between each, which turned out to be no more than 2 minutes. The results:
1 - 5:18
2 - 5:17
3 - 5:17
4 - 5:14
5 - 5:12
I felt controlled for the first three. Intentionally keeping the pace just sub 5:20. For the last two, I loosened the reins a little bit and got to feeling the intensity. My body was ready for it. I never went all out. Now for the disclaimer: I did this workout on a treadmill. That probably made the repeats faster than they would've been if I was outdoors. But, still, this workout was encouraging.

Friday 2.12.10
PM: lifting sequence
A good day at the gym.

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