Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run Strong edited by Kevin Beck

Finished reading Run Strong edited by Kevin Beck the other day. It wasn't a waste of money. I picked up a few good tips that may or may not be transferable to others. As the title indicates, the book is about improving your strength, mostly through activities supplemental to running. Below is a list, by chapter, of some of the lessons I learned from this collection of articles.

Chapter 1
core strength aids power transfer from trunk to lower legs

Chapter 2
a key component of leg speed training is the foot push off from the ground; neuromuscular training should be done year round no matter the distance you're training for (straights and curves, sub 30 second strides)

Chapter 3
No matter what the event, include the following in your training plan:
a. long run
b. progression run
c. 800 - 2400 repeats @ 5-10k pace
d. 200 - 400 repeats @ sub 5k pace
e. general training runs
f. recovery days

Chapter 4
dynamic stretches pre-run; static stretches post-run

Chapter 5
do upper body strength exercises at the speed of your stride rate

Chapter 6
lower body strength/core work improves performance b/c it helps maintain velocity and composure

Chapter 7
do the core work, namely squats and bridges

Chapter 8
ribose for recovery; glucose intake while running delays fatigue

Chapter 9
it's important to train at or just below lactate threshold pace; use sensory data/perceived effort to determine lactate threshold pace

Chapter 10
pre-race isn't social hour

Chapter 11
improvement is related to your ability to recover; PR's are the goal not weekly mileage

Chapter 12
don't bother trying to convert cross training miles into running miles

That's it. Those are the lessons I learned from reading Run Strong. You can purchase the book at the Central Mass Striders website.


mrn said...

doesn't john kellogg have a chapter in the book? i know that guy. very interesting character and life story.

KG said...

he does, chapter 9, "Revving the Cardiovascular Engine"

Anonymous said...
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