Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week in Running

This week ended w/ the Paddy Kelly 5 Mile Road Race. I'll post a full report of it tomorrow. The Cliff's Notes version: 3rd place, 26:27. It was a good effort. The first 2.5 wind was in the face; the second half the wind was at the back.

Below is a picture of KJ w/ the Paddy Kelly trophy I won for winning my age group.

Weekly Numbers
60 3/4 miles in 6 runs
54 minutes on the bike (indoor trainer)
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Saturday 2.13.10
AM: core and 8 miles in 58:06
Easy prerace day w/ striders during mid-end of run.

Sunday 2.14.10
Paddy Kelly Road Race
12.25 miles w/ warm-up and cooldown. Report to follow.

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