Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Amherst 10 Miler

The CMS Team. What a handsome group of gentlemen.

The Skinny
I mistakenly erased my splits before I recorded them. I've pieced some things together.
10 mile time - 55:59
place - 29
pace - 5:36
1 - 5:27 2 - 5:08
3 - ? 4 - 6:08
5 - ?, but 28:11 for five, which means the two missed splits equaled 5:44 pace
6 - ? 7 - 5:40
8 - ? 9 - ?
10 - 5:46, the three missing splits in the second half of the race averaged 5:27 pace

Analysis: I ran a negative split. 28:11 / 27:48

The Full Race Report
Met up with Jim Pawlicki just after I picked up my number. He hooked me up w/ the CMS singlet and we chatted with the rest of the CMS guys for a bit. For me, it was mostly introductions. Headed out for a warmup as a team. The weather was fantastic for the end of February and by the end of the warmup I knew I'd just need shorts and a singlet. Jim took us through the finish area, so we all knew it. This proved to be helpful.

the race
Felt good to be on the line surrounded by teammates. We were a mass of "polar blue." Started the race a few rows back and went out comfortably. During that opening mile, I remember thinking to myself: I'm in good position. I have the whole race in front of me.

I was mostly passing people in the first mile. At the marker I came up on teammates Jeff Goupil, Joe Shairs, and Matt Clark. I moved on the downhill (fastest split of the day) and Matt stayed with me. All was well until the road changed to dirt and the hills started to get steeper. Two guys flew by me but I mostly held my own. The dirt road was muddy and strewn with potholes filled with water. I was in a tight pack and realized I had to separate a bit just to avoid rolling an ankle in a pothole.

Somewhere in the middle of the dirt road section, CMS'er Mike Quintal came up on me and passed me. He was looking strong. He said something to the effect of "I'm in way over my head." I told him to go with it. I repassed Mike at mile 5 as he caught a side stitch. I told him to try and hang on. He did. He ran a very strong race finishing up in 56:11, which was a 2 minute improvement over last year. In my opinion, I think he was one of the determining factors in CMS edging out GBTC for 2nd place. Mike was our 5th man.

Back on the road, I regained some momentum. On the dirt, I lost my sense of pace. Readjusting to the road was helpful but I couldn't tell if I was racing well or not. I was hanging with Wayne Levy and Greg Picklemeister (sp?) but didn't know if that was good or not. Interesting sidenote: Greg didn't seem to know the course and asked about it once or twice. Wayne complied and told him the details, namely about the hills. Turns out Greg beat Wayne by a couple ticks. I saw Wayne postrace and he joked that he should've told Greg the little bump at 7.5 was "the hill" b/c Greg beat him for first overall master.

Unfortunately, at just after mile 6, I saw Kevin Tilton on the side of the road clutching his side. I said to myself "Oh no, I better get moving." With Kevin hurting, my positioning/time just got more important. I tried to hunker down. This, to me, is an advantage to running for a team. As an unattached runner that means nothing to you. But if it's a teammate, it means a lot to you and your team. Kevin eventually composed himself and ran a killer last three miles. He would've put down a serious time if it wasn't for the cramping.

Felt good through 7 and 8 but was hoping to be faster. I still can't tell if this was a good race for me or not. The time was disappointing but the course was tough. I thought I could've run faster and need to reflect on where in the race I could've run better.

The hills in the last two miles are marvelously ridiculous. I tried to power up them the best I could. Nobody passed me. I passed one guy. At the crest of the last hill, two guys flew passed me. I stayed close. As we entered the parking lot loop, I started to plan my finish. I waited and went at just the right time to pass the two guys that had just passed me. Down the final straight, I kept telling myself, "don't let anybody pass you." Unlike my last race, nobody did.

At the end of the chute, the CMS guys gathered and analyzed each others' races. We gathered for the team photo. I talked with a bunch of guys about the race and it was cool to hear others' perspectives. What I remember most about the race is how much fun I had. I haven't had that much fun at a race in a while. Replaying and rehashing the race on the cooldown made cooling down that much more bearable.

CMS came in 2nd as a team. Justin Fyffe had a huge day, coming in second overall with a PR. Jim Johnson, 3rd man for CMS, also managed a PR. Greg Hammett was 2nd man for CMS. All his track races transferred nicely onto the hilly roads. CMS is a pretty deep team with a number of guys running fast: Jim Pawlicki, Dan Verrington, Jeff Goupil, Dave Quintal, and Dave Harper just to name a few.


DoubleJ said...

Kev, way to step up BIGTIME on Sunday. When a man goes down, we gotta pick up the slack and you did that in a huge way! Good times for sure at the race...great team effort. It was awesome seeing all those navy blue jerseys all over the place....

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