Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Bedford Footage

The league of handsome men travel to New Bedford.

Below are two videos from the New Bedford Halfer. The first one is from Krissy K and rocks. Literally. It's set to music and it's not your mamma's music. Great job putting it together Krissy. Thanks. You have to wait about 2:35 before my scrawny behind comes into the picture.
The second video is an interview w/ Kim Smith, winner in a time that killed mine. She's nasty (in a fast way).

Now onto some training:

It's been a good week so far.
Monday 3.22.10
AM: core
PM: 12.5 miles in 95:35
Ran this one w/ fellow CMS'er Ben Nephew. Good thing too b/c the conversation kept the time moving and turned day after race drudgery into a good time. Not until later that night, I made a mini-epiphany about Sunday's race. Ben and I were talking about glucose and corn syrup and then it hit me four hours later. I may have run out of sugar at NB. I did bonk pretty bad in the last two miles and that could be a reason why.

Tuesday 3.23.10
AM: core
PM: 50 minutes bike then 3.5 mile jog
Still recovering.

Wednesday 3.24.10
AM: core
PM: 11.75 miles in 84:20
Started sluggish. Ended feeling much better. Last mile was the fastest at 6:10. I was pushing it. I wouldn't label this a progression run even though my pace got incrementally faster as it continued. I felt good. Much better than three days after Amherst 10.

Thursday 3.25.10
AM: core
PM: 11.75 miles in 88:12
Maybe longer? Fartlek workout mostly on trail. 4 minutes hard, 1 min rec, 2 minutes hard, 1 min rec. Repeat 5 times. Legs felt pretty good. Hard to judge pace one b/c of squishy trails and two b/c of a whipping wind. Overall, a good day. I'm passed New Bedford now and focusing on the next one.

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