Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Bedford Half Marathon

The Skinny
13.1 mile time - 1:14.21
pace - 5:41
place - 66
place for CMS - 8
CMS team place - 3

My splits
1 -5:27
2 -5:38
3 -5:35
4 -5:44
5 - 5:24
6 -5:35
7 -5:34
8 -5:32
9 -5:58

The Full Race Report
My sister Kathy and I rendezvoused at my parent's house and trekked down to the coast together. Auspicious weather put us in a good mood. Met up with the CMS guys for a light warmup. We were glad we arrived at the YMCA early b/c the registration line was literally out the door, so much so that they had to delay the start by 10 mins. They announced port-a-potties at the start/finish area but I didn't see any. After stretching and dropping our gear at DoubleJ's suv (thanks, man) we were off to the starting line.

the race
Ultimately, a disappointment. Not my day. Hit the wall at 11 and did the skeleton dance all the way to the finish line. Running on two flat tires isn't all that enjoyable. I thought I'd be hovering around 73:00. To see the clock in the 74's was tough.

The race started off fine. Through 5 in 27:46, which was 25 seconds faster than my Amherst split. That was about where I wanted to be. The next 3 miles were pretty good; I was working hard and passed one or two guys. At 8, however, I felt exhaustion kick in. I remember thinking that it's a little early to be feeling this fatigued. It also didn't help that I felt like I was running hard and smooth and a couple guys came up on me. I held it together to the ten mile mark, sticking with a small group.

I went through 10 in 56:10. Eleven seconds slower than Amherst. Not bad, but I managed a negative split in Amherst. No such luck today. At this point, I told myself I had a 5k to go and thought running 73 and change would be manageable. Whoops. I was wrong. At 11 I felt like I was running in mud. At 12, quicksand. Somebody needed to throw me a rope. I shuffled to the finish line with the help of Jim Pawlicki. I tried hanging with him the last 1/3 of a mile. He finished a second in front. I tried kicking it in with him but my right hamstring seized up and I had to back off.

It was fun to do a cooldown with the CMS guys and talk some shop. Jim Johnson dropped the hammer with a 70 and change to lead the team. Some guys put up major performances: Bob Wiles, Greg Hammett, Alan Bernier, Kevin Tilton, Jim Pawlicki, Jeff Goupil (huge debut), Dave Quintal, just to name a few. Like me, I know Justin and Andy are capable of better work and had a bit of an off day today. Cooling down with the team was a good time. Everybody was analyzing their particular performances and already looking ahead to the next race. The scoring members of CMS did a great job packing it in; the team time from 1 to 5 was pretty impressive. Good work men.

As a team, CMS managed 3rd for the day. The top 5:
Adidas NE

Next steps: I have to assess if this was just an off day for the last part of the race or if I set my expectations too high. Ask myself: what can I do in my training to prevent a fade? In the past, I've been a solid finisher. I'll use this race for motivation.

My NB 1/2 history:
2000 - 74:40 (PR at the time)
2001 - 76:33
2005 - 72:48
2010 - 74:21


Jim said...

KG - don't dwell too much on this one. It is only March. There are nine more months to tear up the roads this year. Plus, the nicer weather is ahead of us.

mueblerunner said...

Take what you can and move on to the next on - DQ

Jeff Goupil said...

Hey man, its only one race. just gotta shake it off and get ready for bedford 12k.

KG said...

Thanks fellas. NB is done. Rearview mirror. Looking forward to the next one. Can't come soon enough.

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