Friday, March 5, 2010

Some Training and Some Amherst

Not a lot of quality training going on until Thursday. That's when things started to pick up again.

Monday 3.1.10
AM: core
PM: 14.75 miles in 1:51.56
Stress free recovery run but I bonked over the last 6k or so.

Tuesday 3.2.10
AM: core
PM: 11.5 miles in 84:15
This was a progression run but certainly not at the pace I had hoped. Did get faster at end of run but was pretty slow first half. Battling through some post race soreness. Found some shotgun shells in the middle of the trail. That's always comforting.

Wednesday 3.3.10
AM: core
PM: 60 mins bike on indoor trainer then 2.25 easy miles
Trying to expel any lingering soreness.

Thursday 3.4.10
AM: core
PM: 11 miles in 77:15
It was wet but it was good. Went over to Bird Park for some hard intervals. Things were wet and on the warmup the muddy ground sucked my sneaker right off my foot. Recovered from that to have an awesome workout. I did a "3 minute loop" seven times. Got faster and felt better, stronger, meaner, after each one. The first repeat was 3:03. The last one was 2:43. I needed that.

Friday 3.5.10
PM: lifting sequence
Did things out of order and tried doing some of the lifting exercises on a bosu ball. That changes everything.

Forgot to mention this in my last post:
Last time I ran the Amherst 10 was in 2001. The weather was horrible: ice, sleet, rain. I ended up running 58:17 for 6th place. Nine years later, I ran the course in 55:59 in ideal conditions for 29th place. Needless to say '01 was a non-GPS year.

Below are some more pictures courtesy of Kristen. She did a great job.

me, Wayne Levy (2nd master), and Greg Picklesimer (1st master)

the pack early on; Matt Clark right over my left shoulder

I got to stop running across my body like that

duking it out with Wayne in the concluding miles

The below is some video from Amherst, featuring Central Mass Strider Justin Fyffe. The second video comes from Dave Dunham.

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