Sunday, March 14, 2010

This Week in Running: 3.8 to 3.14.10

Houston 2012. The Houston Marathon beat out both Boston and New York to host the men's and women's olympic marathon trials. The trials will be run on a closed loop course that is not the same as the actual Houston Marathon Course. I think the trials will be run the day before the general 26.2 The Houston Marathon occurs in January over Martin Luther King Day weekend (MLK day is observed on the third Monday of January). I'm going to try to include running Houston 2012 in my long term plans, so I can go out and watch the trials. I watched the '08 women's trials in Boston and it was a pretty cool experience.

Onto this week in running....

61 1/2 miles in 6 runs
60 minutes on the bike (indoor trainer)
4 core workouts
1 lifting routine

Here's how the week ended....

Friday 3.12.10
PM: lifting routine
no running today (planned off day)

Saturday 3.13.10
AM: 16 miles in 1:56.52
The start wasn't so bad but the end was. Rain and a driving wind. Mostly in my face for the final eight miles. The effort was pretty good but the pace wasn't. Felt like the wind was standing me up straight a couple times. Felt like a wet, cold sewer rat at the end of this one.

Sunday 3.14.10
AM: 7.5 miles in 53:17
The George Foreman Grill of runs: set it and forget it. Put the treadmill on 8.5 mph (7:00 pace) and completed an easy run. Did this one on the treadmill b/c of the weather (more driving rain and wind).


mueblerunner said...

Way to go, KG. Keep it rolling to New Bedford!

Nuke Runner said...

The trials course is supposed to be on two parkways along Buffalo Bayou so it should be very easy to see the runners at multiple points during the race.

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