Sunday, April 18, 2010

BAA 5k

The skinny:
5k time - 16:06
pace - 5:11
place - 18
division place - 6
splits 1 - 5:17.7
2 - 5:11.1
3 - 5:07.7
.1 - 29.6

The full race report:
Drove to my sister's apt early am and took the T into Copley Square. This made the race feel important. I wanted to simulate a large, crowded race start, and this provided a good opportunity. I wanted to mimic the type of environment that I may someday face if I do a major event like Chicago or New York. I wanted to see what it would be like to race after waiting in lines and going through other such things that one doesn't encounter in smaller races.

Ran the course as a warmup. One hill (Beacon Hill) in the first mile and that's it. Waited on the line for lots of dignitaries to speak. Ole Mumbles Menino made the dopiest comment of all. He said that the race travels through the most beautiful parts of the city: Boston Common, Beacon Hill, and the Charles River. Ah, Tom, the race doesn't go near the Charles. At the start I was positioned between Uta Pippig and Boston Joanie. Aye Caramba!

the race
Felt good from the gun. I was probably in about 30th. I was feeling smooth and comfortable and somewhat fast. I was not in any discomfort. I passed the mile in 5:17. I thought this slow. The last time I did a 5k, my first split was 4:59. By the mile, I was up the only hill of the race and headed down. I need to get a better sense of pacing.

The downhill at just after one slingshoted me into a faster pace. I passed two guys and turned the corner for a 5:11 split. I was still feeling good and strong. I wasn't looking at my watch. I was going on feel.

Next was a long straightaway on Comm Ave. I tried picking up the pace and in doing so picked off a couple of runners. This was a good feeling. Not a single person passed me during the race. I did all the passing. I needed that post New Bedford. Making the penultimate turn I passed two more guys. Then on Boylston I passed another one or two. I kicked hard and worked that last mile pretty good. I felt strong the whole way, never dead. 3rd mile split was sub 5:10 (:07) and I ran the last .1 in sub 30. I was happy about that. Although I didn't PR, I still think that I ran pretty good. I haven't done much speed (400s or shorter) this year.

Bumped into Mark Miller postrace; he came in 3rd. Not bad for suffering from an ingrown toenail at the end of the week. Also caught up w/ fellow Stonehill alum Tim Cotaggio. We did a pretty good cooldown together and talked some shop. The Stonehill team keeps getting faster and our diplomas keep looking better. Tim's debuting in the marathon this fall and we might get in some longs this summer. Last fall he ran his first half in 71 and change. Pretty good. We ended up doing a solid 5 mile warmdown that included repeating the course and heading over to Fenway.

Wrapped up the day with a family dinner of pasta and meatballs. My sister is running the big event tomorrow, so we all carbo loaded together. Even KJ. Overall, a good day and tomorrow should be a great one too.

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Nuke Runner said...

Nice would have been worth it just to start between Joanie and Uta!

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