Monday, April 5, 2010

This Week in Running: 3.29.10 to 4.4.10

The week started off real well. Let's just say that.

Monday 3.29.10
AM: core
PM: ~11.5 in 82:05
Workout w/ Ben Nephew. 6 x 5 min hard w/ 1 minute recovery.
We did this one in a deluge. An absolute deluge. Bird Park was nearly flooded out but we did it. Ran this much harder than I would have alone thanks to Ben. It was a pretty hardcore run.

Tuesday 3.30.10
AM: core
PM: indoor bike 50 minutes then 2.75 mile jog
The rains continue.

Wednesday 3.31.10
AM: core
PM: 14.6 miles in 91:06
Hammered this one. A real good, hard run for me. Sub 6:00 at end. Worked it from the start. Stomach sickness afterwards.

Thursday 4.1.10
PM: lifting routine and 2.5 miles
Ran home from the gym.

Friday 4.2.10
AM: 7 miles in 58:03
This was supposed to be a workout. A Michigan. I woke up with no energy. On the warm-up things got progressively worse. After 29 mins, I tried to collect myself but had nothing. Tried to do a couple strides; body wasn't cooperating. Jogged for another 29 mins and called it a day. Disappointing. Felt under the weather for rest of the day: hot and cold.

Saturday 4.3.10
Not feeling well at all. Bagged the day. Disappointing.

Sunday 4.4.10
AM: 1.25 miles
Tried to give it a go but I still felt pretty ill. Exhaustion coupled w/ stomach issues. Not good.

Weekly Numbers
39.6 running miles
50 minutes on the bike
3 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Basically two good running days this week. Lowest weekly total for the year to date.

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