Saturday, May 1, 2010

Architects for Humanity 5K

The Skinny

5k time - 15:53
place - 1
pace - 5:08
no splits (miles not marked)

The Full Race Report
Headed over to the Charles River this morning and got there in plenty of time for the full warmup routine. The race runs between the Arsenal and Eliot Bridges w/ a small loop at the beginning to make it 5k. Jogged the course for a warmup. Did not feel great nor particularly peppy. I trained right through this race so didn't quite know what to expect. Lesson learned: don't judge the race by the prerace warmup; one does not necessarily reflect the other. I've felt great on warmups and have run poorly and I've felt horrible on warmups and run well.

the race
I think the lack of mile markers (and hence, splits) helped me. I ran on feel. There was one guy on a corner who yelled "mile" splits. I went through at 5:38 but believed in my perceived effort and knew that was way off. I think that got me going.

I was in fourth place for the first half mile. After that I moved up into second and was feeling good. The leader was about 20-30 meters ahead. I held my "place" position through the second mile and didn't know if I would be able to catch the leader.

On the backside of the loop course I ran a real smart tangent and realized that I was closing the gap pretty significantly on the guy in first. This gave me motivation and I hunkered down. In another 400m I was at his heels. With a little more than a half mile to go, at the Eliot Bridge turn, I ran another smart corner and was able to make a pass. This college kid didn't go down easy. He hung for a while. I could hear him. Eventually he started to fade but I kept telling myself: he's in college; he's probably got a better kick than you. Better end it now. That really kept me pushing the pace all the way through to the finish line.

When the red numbers came into view, I couldn't believe it. 15:42, 43....I had a chance at going sub 16:00, and I did. I threw down 15:53 officially and was psyched! When I clicked my watch I had 15:51 and high change (.87). 15:51 is my PR. My college track PR. It's also my road PR. Cool. I haven't run a 5k that fast (granted I haven't done many) in about 10 years. Yes. I am not getting slower! This time in my life is probably the smartest I've ever trained.

Did part of my cooldown with some Tufts guys. We talked some track and I encouraged them to join CMS upon graduation. I gave them all the info and told them to check out the CMS MORT blog. I hope that they do. On the solo part of the jog down, I started to think about the Rhody 5k. Today was a real confidence booster, so I'm hoping I can really drop the hammer on June 6. We'll see. But first is Bedford 12k.


Wilesthing said...

Great race! I've had some of my best races when I take off my watch and just run hard without worrying about the splits. Maybe we're onto something!

J.Fyffe said...

Great post man. And great race! I agree with the no watch routine. I tried wearing one for the splits but I can never resist temptation. It is always best to run how you feel. Leave your brain out of it and keep the watch for training. For me, this applies to all distances shorter than a marathon.

KG said...

Thanks guys. Maybe obsessing over splits mid-race slows us down. Keep up the great training and racing.

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