Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bedford 12K

The Skinny
12k time - 39:35 (:33 on my watch)
place - 14th
pace - 5:19

The Full Race Report
The warmup was an accurate prelude to the main event. I was feeling pretty good. The weather was sweet and as I met up w/ fellow CMS runners, I could feel all the positive energy. The boys were ready to run.

Jeff Goupil and I lined up together a couple rows back. My plan was to start conservatively (unlike DQ[see his blog for details]) and have something left in my tank come halfway through the race. This didn't happen at New Bedford, so I was looking to make up for that performance.

Felt good through the first two miles. Hitting faster than anticipated splits while still feeling like I was keeping the reigns on my legs. Through four, I passed a few people and body was strong.

At around 3.5 the hills start. Nothing huge but the course rolls from about 3.5 to 6. I did not look at any splits after 2 for this reason. Another reason was that I was feeling good and didn't want to fret over a number on a watch in these middle miles. I just kept going and kept picking people off. I couldn't believe I was coming up on some people that usually kill me in races. The first was Joe Navas of Whirlaway. He's a bit out of my league. I think he was hurting from earlier in the week.

The rolling hills slowed the pace but that's relative b/c I was still feeling strong and passing people. I couldn't quite believe it but I came up on some of my teammates. Al was so encouraging in the 4th mile. He helped me decide to go for it. About a mile later I was running w/ Greg Hammett and Mike Quintal. I was in the zone at this point. I offered up a few choice words of encouragement. MQ asked me after the race if I was a member of 2 Live Crew. No, Mike, sorry, just CMS.

I was starting to feel it in the 7th mile. At this point I told myself, "You are having a great race, don't let it go to pot now." I finished okay. I still need to work on the finish. Nobody passed me. But a Whirlaway runner gapped me a bit. I pushed the last 300m, which was on the hs track.

But the best part of the day was post race. The CMS guys were all congratulatory.
Fyffe killed it today. He won the race outright and creamed the course record. Wow. Needless to say, several bodies hit the floor. Let's not overlook, Bob Wiles. He came in 5th. What a strong race. Our third man in the top ten was Andy McCarron. To my surprise, I was 4th CMSer and placed in the top 20. Top 20 in a GPS race. Sweet. It was cool to get high fives and congrats post race. Everyone was so happy for each other. This here is a good team w/ good chemistry and we are always looking to exhort each other and push each other. Talking shop post race is one of the best things about the GP series. Back to the race: Mike Quintal hung tight and finished a couple ticks behind me to be 5th man. Greg and Al took the next two spots. I think they are capable of faster times. Jim Pawlicki, Jeff Goupil, Dan Narioli, and Dave Quintal (not necessarily in that order) rounded out the top ten for the team. CMS won the team championship. We really brought it today despite not having two of our top runners: Johnson and Tilton.

Overall, I was pleased with my performance and top 20 showing in a USATF event.

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J.Fyffe said...

Love It!

Wilesthing said...

Your performance is why I don't really pay attention to my watch during races. When you're feeling it, ride that sumbitch as long as you can! Awesome race!

Jeff Goupil said...

Once again congrats on the race. And can't wait to see how rhody goes. Your gonna kill it

Kevin said...

Nice job KG! Way to break through!

KG said...

Thanks men! It's good to be a part of such a supportive crew.

Mrs. G. said...

KJ wants to say, "You Rock, Da Da!"

Kathy said...

Congrats on a great race, bro! Congrats on finding a great team to run with too... the whole experience sounds awesome.

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