Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week in Running: 5.10 to 5.16.10

Key Workouts
Monday 5.10
8 x a hill w/ Ben Nephew
Hill repeats averaged between 88-91 seconds with 95 for the first and 87 for the last. Jogged the down for recovery. Last time I did repeats on this hill (12.23.09), I did them 8-10 seconds slower on average. I guess Ben makes me go faster.
Totals: 10.25 (not chasing miles today) and 77:25

Wednesday 5.12
Meant to be a progression. Started off strong. Blew up and out about 65% into it. Tried to keep the pace honest but it was hard. The first half was great. Legs felt healthy; stomach didn't.
13 miles in 89:23

Thursday 5.13
3 x 55 sec, 2 x 70 sec, 1 x 2:35, 2 x 70, 3 x 55
The workout was supposed to be 3 x 300m, 2 x 400m, 1 x 800m, 2 x 400m, 3 x 300m but there was a meet on the track so I had to go behind it and run on the trails. The workout was still pretty good. Not the same intensity as on the track, and I think that made it go by real quick. Stomach still queasy like yesterday, esp on the cooldown. What fun. 9 strides too.
10 miles in 73:33

Saturday 5.15
3 miles, 2:30 rec, 2 miles, 2:24 recovery, 1 mile
Threshold pace for all on a combo of track and trail. 3 mile and 2 mile averaged at 5:37. 1 mile at 5:25. Didn't feel as good as last Saturday on the first two repeats but I somehow turned it around for the mile and felt spectacular. A good way to end the workout. I actually felt the worst on the recovery periods and cooldowns. Ended w/ 8 x 80 yd strides and did last 4 w/out sneakers. A first for me. Liberating. Still w/ the stomach. I think I drank some of that water from that broken MWRA pipe.
14 miles in 96:51

The rest of the week...
Tuesday 5.11
50 minutes of biking on the indoor trainer then 4.75 miles

Friday 5.14
lifting at the gym...and the yard work begins

Sunday 5.16
Easy, recovery day on trail
8.5 miles

Weekly Totals
60 1/2 miles in 6 runs
4 1/2 core workouts (1/2 = legs/abs only)
50 minutes on the bike
1 lifting sequence
hours and hours of yardwork...beautiful weekend for it

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