Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fairhaven Father's Day Road Race

The Skinny
5k time - 15:44 (:42.89 on my watch)
place - 1
pace - 5:05
1 - 5:07
2 - 5:09
3.1 - 5:27
(time was a PR and CR)

The Full Race Report
Entered the race with one goal in mind: to PR. I usually like to have a tiered set of goals but I fixated on the singular. I really wanted a sub 15:50 PR. The singular focus concerned me a bit (b/c I've come to realize you can have a good race without setting a PR) but I guess it worked out for the best in the end.

A bit hot and humid on the warmup but not quite as bad as Rhody. The 9am start helped, although it did seem to take forever for the race to actually start. I squeezed into a front spot on the line and took off when the blasted the cannon.

the race
I saw at least two known fast guys on the line: Pat Moulton and Joe Navas. There were also a bunch of guys I didn't know who looked fast. I thought many of them would fly off the line but to my surprise that didn't happen. Moulton, of course, was gone, but after probably a 1/3 of a mile I found myself in 2nd place and feeling comfortable.

After a downhill into the mile split, I was about as slow as I wanted to be (5:06 the timer yelled). I did a little push. A guy was on my shoulder and the move gave me a little space. Through two, I was 10:16 or so. Moulton wasn't gaining on me, so I found this encouraging (post race I found out he wasn't feeling his best today).

The last mile starts with a bit of an uphill. This is also where the 10k guys go right and the wimpy 5k'ers go left. Moulton veered right and I was in first place. This is where the lollipop course got interesting. Some participants (this sounds horrible but I will call them participants and not runners b/c I didn't see many of them running) hadn't yet made it to the first turn so I was running into them. One lady feigned left then right then got the deer in the headlights look and panicked. We crashed. She stopped me dead in my tracks. It would've been nice if the race official/officer at the intersection cordoned off a space for the returning runners but that didn't happen. I had to dodge "participants" for the next hundred yards or so before things thinned out. I heard a person scream "You're going the wrong way! You're going the wrong way!" For a second I wondered if the person was yelling at me. This checked me mentally.

I had to regain composure. Crossing the 195 bridge helped. This is where I really bore down. I knew Joe Navas would be coming to get me if I slacked in the least bit. Once or twice I thought I heard him coming. Over the last 1/2 mile I was really mentally sharp. I kept thinking about the goal and not letting up. Outrageously, my arms and shoulders hurt the most. That pissed me off. It's not like I don't do core/upper body work.

I kept pushing and trying to find extra gears. Making the last turn, I glanced at my watch: 14:55. The 3rd mile wasn't marked but I knew I had a straightaway that I thought would be a minute. I started my kick. The froth started to pour out of the cauldron. I was thinking form and PR and pushing through the line. I couldn't see the race clock. I told myself: empty the tank, all out, all out. Don't be a ----. I really wanted to throw down a sub 5:00 last mile. I had been thinking about that for the last day or so. After finishing Rhody in 5:03 I knew it was possible. 1.1 in 5:27 likely means I did it. I've also been putting in the speed work to make it happen. My last couple speed bouts have given me confidence. I knew I could do it. Believe in your training type of thing.

Met up w/ some Skyhawk alums and did a few miles. It was good to see Greg, Josh, and Fran. It had been a while. Also interesting to hear how some fellow alums have either ballooned to 200+ lbs or moved to the left coast and gotten real fast. Also the first time I got a chance to talk to Joe Navas. Good guy. The dude is 39 and bringing it. Masters everywhere better watch out when Joe turns 40. He'll be cleaning up...Drove home to spend the rest of the day with the family. KJ hooked me up with a beautiful picture (crayons were her medium)and some stuff for the grill. A perfect day.


J.Fyffe said...

Great Job Dude! PB's are the best. I have witnessed the froth and it is scarey (in a cool way). Keep up the good work and see you out there.

Wilesthing said...

Nice job Kevin! I also like the concise newspaper comments. Helps maintain an aura of mystery.

mrn said...

nice race! congrats.

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