Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Week in Running: 6.14 to 6.20.10

Not concerned with mileage this week. Easing down with an eye on a 5k race this weekend (which went very well). Monday proved that if you ever feel sluggish, crotchety, or tired on a run, you should pick up the pace before slowing down or bagging it.

Weekly Data
50 1/4 miles in 6 runs
61 mins on the bike
3 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Monday 6.14
AM: core
PM: 11 miles in 84:41
4 x 2 min; 4 x 1 min w/ = time recovery
Ben and I did this just to shake things out and get the blood flowing. Sluggish until we started the hard running. Pickups were good; 2 mins felt better than 1 min.

Tuesday 6.15
PM: outdoor bike 61 min then 2.75 in 23:11
Recovery day.

Wednesday 6.16
AM: core
PM: 10.25 miles in 69:26
Tempo trail run. Quasi-progressive b/c fastest at end. ~6:10 pace and it felt smooth and easy.

Thursday 6.17
AM: core
PM: 9.25 in 60:40
6 x 400; 4 x 200
Had to do this on the t'mill. Would've liked to do it on a track but it just didn't work out--somebody had to watch the little one. Wanted to do the first 3 quarters at 5k pace then the second 3 real hard. T'mill adjustment for 2nd 3: run each on an increasingly difficult incline. I had to do this b/c the t'mill only goes 12 mph and I wanted to do the 400's @ 70 or sub. The workout felt relatively easy.

Friday 6.18
PM: lifting sequence @ the gym

Saturday 6.19
AM: 6.75 miles in 48:54
Easy shakeout. Bounce in the step today. Trying to keep it slow. Strides on grass @ end of jog.

Sunday 6.20
Fairhaven Father's Day Road Race
5k time - 15:44 officially: PR, CR. With w.up and c.down 10.25 for the day. This is a Bob Wiles style race report; I'll post a detailed one tomorrow.

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Jeff Goupil said...

Nice race man! congrats on the PR

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