Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walpole Village Fair 5K

The Skinny

5k time - 16:03
place - 4
pace - 5:10

The Full Race Report
Woke up early and went over to the track. I wanted to do a track workout and mentally committed myself to do so but by Friday midday the emails started firing. Ben was thinking about racing then my Stonehill buds, Smokes and Steve, asked me if I was running b/c they were. Inbetween sets at the gym on Friday, I concluded to do both.

Here's what I did before the race:

1200m in 3:45 then 4 x 400m in 70, 69, 68, 68 then 4 short hill bursts

I did all the track stuff with 400m recovery. After I finished I jogged for nine minutes, took a few sips of water and half a gu, then went over to the village fair to register.

I saw Ben at the registration title. We did a brief warmup. After a few quick strides, it was time to race.

the race
Tons of hs kids on the front line. You know what that means. They took it out at a crazy pace--for 200 yards. I settled into 7th place and by the mile I was in 6th. I probably felt my worst during the first mile (a 5:13 split). After that, I got into a pretty good groove and passed two more guys. I was now running in 4th. Very brief uphill at the top of mile two and was surprised to hear 10:23. I was feeling good and tried to go after Ben. Pretty steep but short uphill at 2.5. I was closing on Ben but when he peeked back, I woke him up. He downshifted and I tried to stay with him. I was one or two steps back but we were rolling pretty good. This was probably my fastest pace of the day as we were going down a gradual decline. Ben kicked it in on the final straightaway and I was close but never did catch him.

Did a cooldown with some of the guys from the race, including Phil Gingras who would look good in a CMS uniform (I'm working on recruiting him). Hopefully, he'll join the racing team. Ben, Phil, and I extended the warmdown. It's always fun to talk about training and racing.

Got back to see a completely pathetic postrace spread. Cut up bananas and watermelon rinds. I didn't even see water. They did have dogs and burgers but they weren't ready and you had to pay for them. So unlike the Rhody 5K. They got the official results wrong. "Den" Nephew beat me but they showed me ahead of him in the results. I picked up his medal, which has a typo on it, and haven't decided if I should give him the age group gold or silver.

Jen, Kerin, Smokes, Jenn, Steve, Billie Jo, Maddie, and I all hung out postrace. We brought the little ones over to the moonwalk. They loved it. The gang came over for some bagels and coffee and world cup soccer. After we kicked them out, Jen and I did yardwork for the rest of the afternoon. All said, I put in 15 for the day. A good day. I love my life.


Steve MacPherson said...

That was absolutely the worst post race spread I've ever seen. I bet they got the half eaten bananas from Cedar Junction. I dig enjoy the course though.

Anonymous said...

some hs kids took it out on the right pace... i pr'd that day and ran a great race

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