Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's Next

The Spring Season is over and it's time to start looking ahead. Short term: some down time--about a week to ten days worth. This will consist of days off and light, stress-free running. That's running without self-induced pressure to hit splits or complete a track workout. A good mental break from the psychology of running.

The two highlights of the first six months of 2010 would probably be
1-the Bedford 12K
2-the 5K PR

Everything just came together at Bedford and it was one of those precious times when you fall into the zone and feel unstoppable. The 5K PR was something that I geared my workouts toward, especially at the end of the season. I did more shorter repeats (400/200m) on the track. I was psyched to see this come together at Fairhaven to improve my 5K down to 15:42 (on my watch). This is a 9 second PR over my college best and it exhilarates me to know that I'm faster now than I was 10-12 years ago. Here's to training smarter. Is 15:3X in my future? Maybe.

But for now it's onto marathon training. As of this writing, I'm thinking of a fall marathon double. Bay State on October 17 and Philadelphia on the last Sunday before Thanksgiving. A rough outline of my training plan:
  • long runs at honest paces
  • mid-week medium/long run at tempo pace
  • progression runs
  • threshold work 1x per week
  • short track intervals 1x per week
  • hill workouts 1x per mesocycle
  • run easy on easy days
  • cycling, core work, weight lifting

As I prep for the fall season, I plan to key-in on a few races to monitor my training:

  • Stowe 8 Miler
  • Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler
  • Bridge of Flowers 10K
  • a 20K/half marathon in September

So, that's the plan for now. It'll probably change a few times over. The one certainty this summer is to spend lots of time with the ummpa luumpa pictured below.

It's a beautiful world.

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