Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week in Running: 7.19 to 7.25.10

Monday 7.19
AM: core
PM: 15 in 1:44.55
With Ben on the Warner Trail.
Tuesday 7.20
AM: core and bike to work (~39 miles roundtrip)
PM: 5 in 37:03
Wednesday 7.21
AM: 10.25 in 77:51 (ugh)
PM: core
Thursday 7.22
AM: core
PM: 12 in 86:46
7 x sheep pasture loop @ hard, controlled effort
loops took  between 4:12 and 4:01; recovery between :54 and :61
Happy Birthday Mom!
Friday 7.23
AM: 3.5 easy miles w/ Jen
PM: lifting routine 
Saturday 7.24
AM: 18.4 in 2:06.47
Felt strong the whole way; major negative split.  Good run and good deals at New Balance Store post run.
Sunday 7.25
AM: core and 7 miles in slow mode

For the Week
71.15 miles in 7 runs
39.8 miles on the bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence

Analysis: Ran a few more miles than I thought I would.  Starting to build a solid base in this training phase.  Want to get some tempo runs in next week and another long one.  Was thinking about Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler on Tuesday night but I think I need to focus on training right now.  Still considering doubles but haven't done any yet. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stowe Stache 8 Miler

The Skinny
8 mile time - 45:03
pace - 5:38
place - 35 (15 in division / 9 for CMS)
mile 1 - 5:22
mile 2 - 5:35
mile 3 - 5:43
mile 4 - 5:14
mile 5 - 5:39
mile 6 - 5:51
mile 7 - 5:53
mile 8 - 5:46
The Full Race Report
Headed up to VT on Saturday afternoon and met up with Justin, Greg, Jenn, Glenn, et al for a delicious bbq.  An excellent start to the weekend.  Soon after eating, we headed to a local watering hole to soak the legs.  We did not wait the recommended 90 minutes post-eating before jumping into the water.  What risk takers we are. After toweling off, we headed back to Justin's place to talk about running for 2-3 hours.  What could be better?

Justin, Jess, and I headed up early on Saturday and nary a car was in sight on the highway.  Got to the race early and the CMS guys quickly started comparing staches.  Here's my take:

Biker/Convict/Satan Category: Dave, Dan N, Justin
Super Trooper Category: Greg, Jim
Adult Movie Category: Bob, Dan V, Sam
Larry Bird Category: Al, me (according to MQ)

Justin and I scoped out the last mile or so of the course for a warmup and before I knew it, the start was ten minutes away.  I did a few stretches and headed to the line.
the race
The cross country box start reminded me of my high school and college days.  I got out clean and hit the mile in 5:22.  My first thought: that felt more like 5:10.  The effort felt the same as Bedford but the time was slower.  I held the same pace for the next two, coming through three at 16:40.  In my mind's eye, I was hoping for something closer to 16:00.  At this point, I knew it was going to be a long day.  The wind was already gone.

After about three miles, I could see Al Bernier and Dan Navaroli.  I started working on them but was making no progress.  I kept the same distance for another two or three miles but couldn't close the gap.  I did pass a few people but nothing significant.  Dan ended up having a great race and gapped me significantly in the last 5K.  I looked up and he was gone.  I refocused on Al and new-CMS'er Ben Jenkins.  

Halfway through the race, I knew it was going to be a long day.  I tried moving and changing gears but my legs said no.  I asked them repeatedly and every time they politely said ahhh-no.  This is when I started to hope that the mustaches ahead of me were running strong because I had nothing to give to the team on this day.  In retrospect, I realized what a diverse and deep team we have.  I can score in the top four one race and not be in the top eight the next race.  Damn.  You have to bring it to these Grand Prix events or you'll be eaten alive.  

Finally, in the closing tenths, I came up on Al.  I said, "Let's end this."  He agreed.  We pushed it in even though both of us knew this wasn't our best day.  Overall, I was content with the effort but not with the time.  I never gave up or packed it in.  I kept pushing myself and I think I will become a better runner for it.  Never give up.  Never die easy.  
Talking to some of the guys, I realized that everyone seemed to run about a minute slower than they would have hoped.  I was about on target with that.  That made me feel a twinge better.  The best part about the cooldown was the hop in the beck.  Thanks to TiVo for guiding us to a prime spot to get refreshed.  The water was so clear.  After eating a handful of blueberries, we headed over to the awards ceremony.  I hate a huge bowl of ice cream.  Two hours later, we stopped for pizza and had a great pie at the Pizza Palace.  In total, a great weekend hanging out with great people.  It's cool to be on a team with so many encouraging and supportive mates.  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week in Running: 7.12 to 7.18.10

Monday 7.12
AM: core
PM: 14 in 97:48
Ran parts of the Warner Trail w/ Ben.  Started easy.  Got fast.  Some good hills. 
Tuesday 7.13
AM: core and bike to work (39.8 mile roundtrip)
PM: 4.75 in 34:21
Easy run w/ Rich.  New Sneakers: Saucony Ride II.
Wednesday 7.14
AM: 12.5 miles in 89:30
PM: core
2 x 15 min @ threshold pace
The perceived effort was there.  Not so sure the pace was.  Ultrahumid.  Toughest day of the week so far but recovered for a sub 6:30 last mile.  
Thursday 7.15
AM: core
PM: 10.75 in 78:48
6 x a hill
Did this same workout in April.  This time I was about 5 seconds slower per repetition.  Makes sense given the heat and my current state of fitness.  Goal for this workout: to build strength.  Finished the day w/ some strides.
Friday 7.16
AM: lifting sequence and jog to/from gym (4 miles)
Saturday 7.17
AM: 7 miles in 51:34
Easy day in prep for Stowe.
Sunday 7.18
AM: Stowe 8 Miler and 15 miles for the day
Race report to follow.  A hard effort but my time (45:04) was slower than I thought it would be.  Good to get the miles in.

For the week
68 miles in 7 runs
39.8 miles on the bike
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
2 swims in VT water (best part of weekend)

I think I need to start logging more miles.  I may start experimenting with doubles.  Less core, more miles?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stowe Course

Starting to gear up for this weekend's USATF-NE Grand Prix Event, the Stowe 8 Miler.  In addition to growing a mustache (part of the 'staches for Stowe campaign--how's yours coming along?  mine's pathetic), I thought I'd check out the course.

The elevation chart is pretty interesting.  Not sure it'll affect anyone's racing strategy, but there are certainly a number of speedbumps to consider.  These charts, though, can be misleading.It's not rare to find a ghost incline or descent in them.  
The biggest factor could be the one nobody controls: the weather.  The race starts early but I was out there at quarter passed five this morning and it was hot and humid.  No relief.  Here's to hoping VT offers some cooler air.  

Maps courtesy of the Stowe 8 Miler website.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Week in Running: 7.5 to 7.11.10

Monday 7.5
AM: 11 miles in 72:44
PM: core
2 x 2 mile @threshold pace while averaging ~6:30 while not thresholding
Tuesday 7.6
AM: 10.5 miles in 79:29
PM: core
Previewing the first section of the Philadelphia Marathon Course.  Got hot after 35 mins, real hot.
Wednesday 7.7
AM: 90 min bike; 19 min run (2.25 miles)
Thursday 7.8
AM: 9.5 miles in 71:14
PM: core
2 miles of straights and curves on the track.  5 short hill bursts.  Ended @ an honest pace.
Friday 7.9
AM: lifting sequence and jogged to/from gym (4 miles)
Saturday 7.10
AM: 16 miles in 2:05.42
Ran this one on limited sleep.  Got out early but still humid.  Never really got going.  A slow day.  Not an easy day.
Sunday 7.11
AM: core and 7.25 miles in 55:01
Easy run.  Finished with strides.

Weekly Totals
60 1/2 miles in 7 runs
90 mins on the bike
4 core workouts 
1 lifting sequence

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scouting Philly

Spent Tuesday morning checking out the first section of the Philadelphia Marathon course.  The first part is urban but lots of cool sights to pass (not that people racing it would notice but there are good views of the art museum and bridges over passing the Delaware River).  Some streets seemed pretty narrow, especially for the start of a major marathon.  The urban roads, some of them, have a good camber to them in spots.  Other roads need resurfacing.  I don't see that happening prior to November.  I think I read somewhere (the event website?) that the course is not suitable for wheelchair athletes.  That should tell you something about the roads.  The course itself is pancake flat, at least the parts I ran.  Let's not go crazy here: the roads are certainly runnable.

The second part is similar to the Charles River area in Boston. It's flat and hugs a river.  13 through 26 are an out-and-back that covers Kelly Drive (Philly's version of Memorial or Storrow Drive).  

Philadelphia Marathon Map in PDF form.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This Week in Running: 6.28 to 7.4.10

Weekly Numbers
25 1/2 miles in 4 runs

2 core workouts

Spent the week on the Jersey Shore and as planned didn't get much running done. Now that the down week is over, it's time to get back into serious training mode. Both with the diet and the running. No more ice cream, ice cream sundaes, smores, cheesesteaks, fried anything, chips, doritos, or other such shore/boardwalk food. The boardwalk, though, is quite the place--scantily clad orange people (surely the opposite of the crakers from Atwood's Oryx and Crake) hocking paraphernalia every ten feet--and if I didn't have so many running t-shirts, I would have been sure to pick up either a "Snooky!!!" or "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas" or "I Love My Guidette" or "Free Weezy" t-shirt. After all, they were 4 for $10.

On another note, a cool quote from Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange:
"The attempt to impose upon man, a creature of growth and capable of sweetness, to ooze juicily at the last round the bearded lips of God, to attempt to impose, I say, laws and conditions appropriate to a mechanical creation, against this I raise my swordpen--"

We, runners, lift our flats and spikes against anyone trying to impose a limit or boundary on human potential.