Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scouting Philly

Spent Tuesday morning checking out the first section of the Philadelphia Marathon course.  The first part is urban but lots of cool sights to pass (not that people racing it would notice but there are good views of the art museum and bridges over passing the Delaware River).  Some streets seemed pretty narrow, especially for the start of a major marathon.  The urban roads, some of them, have a good camber to them in spots.  Other roads need resurfacing.  I don't see that happening prior to November.  I think I read somewhere (the event website?) that the course is not suitable for wheelchair athletes.  That should tell you something about the roads.  The course itself is pancake flat, at least the parts I ran.  Let's not go crazy here: the roads are certainly runnable.

The second part is similar to the Charles River area in Boston. It's flat and hugs a river.  13 through 26 are an out-and-back that covers Kelly Drive (Philly's version of Memorial or Storrow Drive).  

Philadelphia Marathon Map in PDF form.


Wilesthing said...

I went and watched this last year. Great race for spectating. We watched the start, walked down to mile 6, walked back for the half, then waited for the finish. Fairly fast course from what I saw and heard.

KG said...

Bob: any interest in running it this November?

Wilesthing said...

Probably not, but my dad lives in the area and we've got some Amish friends to the west so we might make the trip down again.

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