Sunday, August 1, 2010

This Week in Running: 7.26 to 8.1.10

Monday 7.26
AM: core
PM: 15 in 1:41.44
7 of the 15 was at threshold pace.  Bumped into U. of Hartford runner Eric Flaman and we ran together for most of the run.  Good conversation.  Good thirst-inducing effort.  
Tuesday 7.27
AM: core
PM: short bike then 3 slow miles
Wednesday 7.28
AM: 12.25 in 81:20
PM: core
Progression Run.  ~7:30 to ~5:50.  Pace felt good.
Thursday 7.29
AM: core
PM: 13 in 95:20
10 x "1000" w/ ~90 sec recovery.  I didn't do this on the track. I did it on grass and trail.  I'll hit the track in another week or two.
Friday 7.30
AM: lifting and 4 mile jog to/from gym
Saturday 7.31
AM: 18.75 miles in 2:14.06
Cool, unhumid weather really helped me on this one.  The miles came relatively easily.
Sunday 8.1
AM: 7.5 miles in 58:52
Easy trail run.
For the Week
73 1/2 miles in 7 runs
~10 miles on the bike
4 core sessions
1 lifting session
Analysis: This has been the third week in a building phase and I'm happy to get the miles into the low 70s.  This upcoming week will be a cutback week.

Below are two pictures from Stowe.
Photo courtesy of DoubleJ Running.
Photo courtesy of Krissy K.


Greg said...

Nice Week of training, Kevin! Keep it going!

KG said...

You too, Greg. Looks like your building nicely into the 80s. I'm about 10 miles per week behind. Keep up those quality days.

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