Monday, August 16, 2010

Bridge of Flowers: The Race That Wasn't

The muscle spasm I incurred in my right calf on Thursday never released enough for me to be able to race.  I jogged a warmup hoping the knot would untie itself but that never happened.  If anything, it tightened a little after I stopped.  My mind told me to race; my body told me to scratch.  I did what my body told me to do despite feeling like a wuss.  I rationalized, telling myself that I wouldn't been able to help the team anyway b/c I wouldn't have been able to go all-out.  I think my decision was the right call b/c here I am four days removed from the spasm and still not able to run.  The calf is all kinds of locked up.

Good news is that I was able to cheer on the team and take a few pictures.  The bad news is my camera ran out of batteries after taking only ten.  What a day.  

CMS managed second place by a mere two seconds.  BAA took first and Whirlaway took third.  The guys did a good job of pushing through to the end to eek out a second place finish.  

Click here to see eleven measly pictures.

Below: Bob and DoubleJ between mile one and two.  Bob mentioned that he may have flipped the bird during the race and this picture might capture that moment.

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JoKin said...

sorry you weren't able to race, but smart move in the long run. these are the decisions that have to be made to get to the next level.

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