Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Week: 8.16 to 8.22.10

The calf muscle spasm/cramp from last week has affected my training this week for the worse.  I saw a doctor on Tuesday and he told me to not even think about running until the weekend.  His diagnosis was a calf strain and called it "as hard as a rock."

Monday 8.16
AM: 90 min bike and core
PM: .5 mile run
This "run" was not a good idea.  I thought I'd go for an easy jog to test it out b/c it didn't hurt while walking.  Well, 6 slow minutes into the run the calf seized up again.  Now it hurts all the time.  Walking included.  Very upset with myself for "testing it out" especially when J advised against it.  The lesson here boys: listen to your wife.
Tuesday 8.17
AM: doctor visit
PM: lifting sequence
Doc says take ibuprofen for a couple days.  No stretching for about 48 hours.  OK to bike, swim, elliptical.  He thinks Monday's spasm was the calf protecting itself from further damage.  His diagnosis is strain and not tear b/c prior to Monday I could walk without discomfort.
Wednesday 8.18
AM: 1:45 bike
PM: core
I'd rather be running.
Thursday 8.19
AM: 61 min bike
PM: core
Time crunch on am bike.  Starting to fear that I'm getting way out of shape.
Friday 8.20
AM: lift
PM: 30 min of elliptical machine
Calf didn't feel too bad but not pushing it either.
Saturday 8.21
AM: 1:50 on the bike for 28+ miles
Sunday 8.22
AM: 21 minute easy jog
PM: 45 minutes on the bike (indoor trainer)
Calf felt tight at start of jog but got better as I continued.  Pace real slow.  No re-injury.  No spasming.  Encouraging.

For the Week
2 3/4 running miles
6:51 on the bike
3 core workouts
2 lifting sequences
Analysis:  I'm setting a September 1 goal for myself.  If I'm not back to real running by then, I'm in trouble for a fall marathon.  


Jeff Goupil said...

Hey man, don't stress too much I am currently in the same boat haven't been able to do much of anything since BOF...we still got plenty of time till baystate

J.Fyffe said...

Patience. Easier said then done.

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