Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Week in Running: 8.2 to 8.8.10

This is a cutback week. Right now my training cycles are 4 weeks; build 3, cutback 1.
Monday 8.2
AM: core
PM: 12.5 in 87:15
3 x 10 min pickups
Tuesday 8.3
AM: core and chiro visit
First non-running day since 7.3.10.  Need to foam roll the hips to keep the IT bands supple.  
Wednesday 8.4
AM: 9 miles in 61:50
PM: core
Maybe longer than 9.  Ended just above 6:00 pace.
Thursday 8.5
AM: 9.25 miles in 63:31
PM: core
Sub 6:00 by end of run.
Friday 8.6
AM: core
PM: 11.25 miles in 78:00
Trail run.  Steady state.
Saturday 8.7
PM: 5.75 miles in 42:43 
Easy run w/ ins and outs on the track followed by strides some of which were shoeless.
Sunday 8.8
AM: 7.25 miles in 55:30
Easy run.

For the Week
55 miles in 6 runs
5 core workouts
Analysis: This cutback week went as I expected.  Was thinking I'd hit between 50 and 55, and there I was right at 55.  The energy has been pretty good but the legs are not quite as poppy as I thought they'd be.  It's back to building for the next three weeks with a goal of getting into the 80s.  That might be hard to do this week as Bridge of Flowers will take the place of a Saturday long run.  

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Jeff Goupil said...

Nice week man. Looks like you will be ready for BOF

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