Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week in Running: 8.9 to 8.15.10

Goal for this week is to get in quality miles.  To train right through the Bridge of Flowers 10K while still posting a respectable time.  I'd like to be able to help out the team.

Monday 8.9
AM: 14 miles in 1:46.44
2 x 2 mile w/ 2:10 recovery.  3 mile warmup then the 2 mile repeats then another 7.  I wanted to finish this 14 miler with fatigued legs and hold a respectable pace.  The repeats were hard (I only got 2 splits: 5:18 then 5:52--accuracy of markers?) but I could not sustain a respectable pace on the backhalf of the run.  It was hot and I was thirsty.  I did this run in Alexandria, VA(home of the Titans from the film Remember the Titans) on the Mount Vernon trail which runs along the Potomac.  Awesome views of the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial and planes landing at Reagan Airport.
Tuesday 8.10
AM: core and 4 easy miles
PM: 3 easy miles
First day experimenting w/ doubles. 
Anniversary #3 for J and me.

Wednesday 8.11
AM: 15.75 in 1:44.58
PM: core
Solid tempo-progression on Forbidden Drive in Philly.  Some splits: 7:30, 6:51, 6:39, 6:48...6:28, 6:01, 5:51, 6:12...6:01, 5:50, 5:45, 5:56.  Like on Mount Vernon trail I question the accuracy of some of the markers. 
Thursday 8.12
AM: 10 miles in 78:30
PM: core
Muscle spasm midway through a 1200m workout.  Had to limp home.
Friday 8.13
PM: 3 slow miles
Right calf is still locked up from the spasm.
Saturday 8.14
AM: 2.5 miles
Did a warmup for the Bridge of Flowers race but my calf was still tight and affecting my stride.  I didn't run the race.
Sunday 8.15
AM: bike 29 miles
PM: 45 minute bike on indoor trainer

Weekly Totals
52 1/4 miles on 3.5 real days
2 1/4 hours on the bike
4 core workouts

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