Saturday, October 16, 2010

Go Get 'Em CMS

Tomorrow is the Bay State Marathon, the USATF-NE Marathon Championship Race.  The Central Mass Striders will be there with a nasty team.  Best wishes to all the CMS guys toeing the line for the 26.2.  I attached an inspirational video below from earlier this year.  You'll recognize it and the music as soon as you hit play.


As for me, I wanted to go to Bay State to support the team, but instead I'll be heading down to RI for the Amica Half Marathon.  I wanted to do the Bay State half but it sold out.  That kinda sucks but I need to get one or two longer races in to see where I'm at for Philly.  I've been doing the miles but not the tempo and speed.  Should be interesting.  

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Greg said...

Good luck to you! Thanks for showing that video again, it definitely got me pumped!

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