Monday, October 18, 2010

Newport Half Marathon

place: 2
pace: 5:45
6:05, 5:39, 5:56, 5:49, 5:36, 5:47, 5:38, 5:35, 5:40, 5:46, 5:47, 5:55, 5:30, 39

Things went well until arriving in Newport. Traffic lines waiting to park.  Then more lines to get on the shuttle.  Then a short line to register.  Then a long line to check my bag.  I had to give a girl 5 bucks to check my bag, so I could make it to the starting line on time.  The beginning of the race really wasn't managed well.  The announcer was telling people not to worry about being in line for the bag check or the lavs b/c they all had a chip.  He told us not to worry b/c our times wouldn't start until we crossed the line w/ our bib chips.  The officials knew they were going to start the race without all participants ready and apparently they were okay with that.

All that said, I didn't get in a proper warmup.  Only a couple of strides and a few stretches.

the race
I wanted to go out conservatively.  One, b/c I didn't want anything to spasm due to a lack of a proper warmup.  Two, b/c it was windy.  The first 10K was pretty much a wind in the face experience.  The first mile has the biggest hill of the race.  Combine that with a conservative start and mile 1 was my slowest of the day.  For about the first 4 miles I ran w/ a group of 2 or 3.  I told myself to draft for as long as possible but I couldn't keep the reins on.  By mile 3, I was doing the work w/ the wind.  And by mile 4, I had gained some separation.

At about 6.2, along the shore, we finally took a turn and the wind changed from head to tail.  My splits reflect that.  At this point, I got a little boost and was feeling good.  I was having fun waving at well wishers and complimenting the Jimmy Buffett water stop crew for their outrageous bird hats.  It was also at about the 10K mark that I realized I was in 2nd.  I thought 3rd but apparently one of the guys ahead of me was a member of relay team.  For those next couple miles I thought a group might be on my tail but by mile 10 I sensed that I had a secure hold on 2nd place.

Despite a tough first half, I started feeling better on the second half.  I ran miles 5-10 about 38 seconds faster than the first five.  There were lots of little ups and downs over the last 10K too, so I was pretty happy I felt powerful.  I didn't whimper to the finish.

I had 1:16 in my head at the start of the race and even slower than that in the opening miles, so I was pleased to go 1:15 and change.  I have endurance and stamina.  I need to keep that up and now introduce some speed work.  I wore calf sleeves and I had no issues w/ the calf either during the race or immediately thereafter.   I enjoyed a long 4 mile cooldown, cheering on the runners doing the full marathon.  Post race, I could not find any results.  I looked around and there seemed to be no formal announcements.  I thought that odd.  I got on a bus and headed home.  After all, there was a Pats game to catch.

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Wilesthing said...

God job, man. You've had a off and on training cycle, so this looks like a pretty darn good result!

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