Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Week in Running: 10.11 to 10.17.10

A well timed cutback week.  A head cold made my planned workouts not go as planned.  
Monday 10.11
AM: 13 in 96:20
Wanted to do a 40 min threshold run but when I tried to get down to t'hold pace, it just wasn't happening.
Tuesday 10.12
AM: core
PM: 6.5 in 48:05
Stonehill trails.  Easy day.
Wednesday 10.13
AM: core
PM: 10 in 72:41
Had to be back at work in the evening, so snuck this one in.  Thought it would be faster.  I started slowly.
Thursday 10.14
AM: core
PM: 5.25 in 34:18
Fast-ish five.  Wanted it to be real hard but I couldn't find a groove.  It's been that type of week.
Friday 10.15
AM: legcore
PM: lifting
Saturday 10.16
AM: 10 in 74:55
Prerace run.  Hoping for some bounce but got none.
Sunday 10.17
AM: race
13.1 in 75:20 + 4 mile cooldown = 17.25
2nd place @ Newport Half Marathon.  Race report to follow.  Ran better than I anticipated.  
For the Week
62 miles in 6 runs
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Cutback week is complete.  The half marathon went pretty well.  I was happy that I felt better in the second half of it than the first half.  I feel like I have the stamina but not the speed.  That should come with some faster interval workouts.  

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