Monday, November 8, 2010

USATF-NE XC Championships

The Skinny
10K time- 34:20
place- 67
pace- 5:31
CMS team place- 5th
place for CMS- 5th
splits- only the first 2: 5:17, 5:38

The Report
Cold.  It was 40 degrees but felt like 20.  The wind and wide open field contributed to the chill.  Got there in time to watch Greg Putnam run a great race in the master's 8K.  Met up w/ Al Bernier, Ben Strain, Scott Leslie, and Derrick Hamel for a warmup and the main objective was just that--getting warm.  
the race
These XC races start off fast.  My first mile was 5:17 and I was probably in something like 75th place.  At the mile, Al came up on me and I stuck close to him for the next half or so.  Al ran  a great race.  At around mile 2, I came up on Ben and we stuck together for a while through the Wilderness Loop.  My second mile was 5:38 but at the mile Al said that the first one was short and the second was long.  I didn't think much of it.  I just kept going.  After 2 miles, I always get confused at Franklin Park.  There are so many loops and intricacies that it's easy to forget where you are in the race.
At 5K, I was in no man's land and looking to maintain pace.  Over the last 5K, two guys passed me and I passed one back.  I wasn't feeling great.  I felt real slow in some places and couldn't move when I wanted to; I was lacking an extra gear today.  
It was fun talking to the CMS guys on the warmdown.  Scott had some good suggestions about marathon training, and since he just popped a sub 2:30, I think I'll be taking some of that advice.  Greg was good for some gummybears and Al let me know about $$ incentives that the club offers.


Jeff Goupil said...

Nice ran man. What are your plans for this winter? and or a fall Marathon?

KG said...

Not sure about the winter yet, but am running Philly 26.2 on 11.21. We'll see how that goes before I decide on the winter season. Keep getting in shape, man.

Glenn said...

Good Luck in Philly!

spyder ski said...

Great report...Good luck!

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