Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Week in Running: 12.27 to 1.2.11

Monday 12.27
AM: 15 in 1:59.57
PM: core
I knew this was going to be a tough one and it was.  It had stopped snowing but the wind was gusting.  Hard.  I considered waiting until later in the day but I'm glad I didn't b/c the wind never let up.  I did an out and back and the whole time I was going out I knew the way back was going to be tough.  For the first half I had the wind at my back.  I ran as hard as the conditions allowed (streets were slushy and parts were still snow covered).  When I made the turn for the back part of the run, I got smacked in the face by old man winter.  He was relentless the whole way home.  I tried running hard, yet at times I felt like I was jogging-not running-jogging in place.  It took me nearly 8 extra minutes to make it home and the effort was the same if not more intense.  Still, it felt good to do 15 (might've been more; I'm underestimating) and not wimp out when opportunities presented themselves.  Some memorable quotes and observations along the way.
1.  "You must be as cold as shit, dawg."
2.  Man shoveling in shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops.
3.  "You and the postman!"
Tuesday 12.28
AM: 10.25 in 76:23
PM: core
Hardest part was getting out the door.  Weather much nicer than yesterday.  Tuesday is my usual easy/recovery day, but I'm trying to go a little longer; hence, the double digit run.
Wednesday 12.29
AM: 11.5 miles
PM: core
This run didn't go as planned.  Disaster.  I wanted to do 7 miles of threshold work but the legs and body weren't having it.  Haven't shaken the headcold quite yet.
Thursday 12.30
AM: 13.75 miles in 96 minutes
PM: core
Felt much better today, especially during the second half of the run.  Distance is a low-ball estimate.  Cobb Creek recreation path is a nice place to run.
Friday 12.31
AM: 4.5 miles
Stride Session: striders, high knees, butt kicks, a-skips, b-skips.
I tweaked my left hamstring a little bit on the hard strides.  
Saturday 1.1
AM: 14.5 in 1:46.38
Slower and shorter than I wanted due to the achy hamstring from yesterday.  I'm going to be cautious and not run the BU mini-meet tomorrow.
Sunday 1.2
AM: 7 in 53:05
Fog run.  Hamstring still a little tender so I took it easy even though the body was rearing to go.  

For the Week
76 1/2 miles on 6 runs
4 core workouts

Analysis: Fairly happy with the # of miles.  The tweaking of the left hamstring on Friday altered the end of the week.  It made for a cautious and conservative weekend.  Very republican of me. It was difficult to get in any type of speed work this week.  The tracks were covered and I didn't have any PA street loops marked.  I ended up doing tempo runs for the most part.  Once the h'string is ready, I need to get back into some faster repeats.


Glenn said...

Nice run KG!

David Sweeney said...

And I harp on about running in the heat and humidity!
My first time on your blog and found it real interesting reading back to here.I really don't know how you guys run in those Arctic conditions!!
Flip Flops = same in the UK
Australia = Thongs
NZ = Jandals !!!

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