Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.24 to 1.30.11

Monday - 10 in 67:15 / core
I bagged out of my run with Ben.  I felt so guilty about it that I then willed myself through ten on the t'mill.  I have a major headcold that is wiping me out.  J was pretty upset with me for running.  I kinda liked that (she cares).

Tuesday - chiro visit / nothing else
Took a goose egg today.  Still with the headcold.  Felt lethargic and sleepy all day at work.  No energy, except to blow my nose.  By bedtime, I felt a little better.  Maybe J is right: taking a day off might do some good.

Wednesday - 10 in 77:17 / core
I thought the snow wasn't suppose to come until after midnight?!  Conditions were rough.  I grabbed the microspikes and headed out to the trails.  I could only run on them for so long before it just got too dark (even though the snow was helping keep things light).  I had fun; I just couldn't go that fast.

Thursday - 14.25 in 90:04 / core
14 x 90 sec hard w/ 90 sec recovery
I've been wanting to do this workout for the last ten days or so.  It came together today.  Lots of recovery, but I worked pretty hard on the repeats.  I planned on doing 12-14 reps and ended up going out to the higher end.  In the zone today.  Then I cleared the driveway.

Friday - 3 easy ones / lifting / calf strengthening
Chased three miles after lifting today.

Saturday - 7.25 in 57:59
Had to work today, so I did this run early in the morning.  Finished before the sun was up.  Peaceful.  Hardly any cars.

Sunday - 17 in 1:59.41
A pretty good run.  At some points I felt crappy at others I felt good.  The run ended on a good note.  The pace was medium/hard throughout.  Cold at the end.

For the Week
61 1/2 miles on 6 runs
3 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Did not get the miles I wanted to this week, and I attribute that to Monday and Tuesday.  I probably lost close to ten miles between those two days, but I think it was what I needed to do to shake the headcold.  Thursday's workout was the highlight of the week.  I will try to get close to seventy next week with two high quality days and a race on Sunday.  Haven't raced yet this year; I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.17 to 1.23.11

This week is a cutback week.  My 2011 plan includes going hard for 3-4 weeks then cutting back for one.

Monday / 13 in 90:39 / core
10 x 3 min w/ 2 min recovery
Ben and I nearly froze our noses off on the "warm"up, but things weren't so bad once we got started, even though it was freezing.  The coldest run of the year.  We did the repeats at a good hard clip on the road perimeter of Bird Park.

Tuesday / 10.25 in 68:21 / core
10 mile progression run.  Started in mid-high 7:00s and ended in low 6:00s.  Encouraging: this 10 seemed pretty easy.  I guess I'm used to doing 12+ on non-cutback weeks.

Wednesday / bike 50 min / core
Bike replaces run on cutback week.

Thursday / 10.25 in 74:34 / core
Objective: 3 x 1 mile sub 5:20
Actual: 5:37, 5:36, 5:37
I did the "miles" on a road loop that I haven't measured since the summer.  I couldn't quite remember the start and end point (the loop is 1.1), so I winged it.  The repeats were intense.  I worked hard on each one.  Therefore, I'm hoping it was a long mile.

Friday / lifting and leg core w/ extra calf emphasis
Off day (cutback)

Saturday / 15.5 in 1:52.18
Slow start, good middle, tough ending.  After about 30 mins, I started to feel good and got moving.  Then at about 80 mins, I took a turn and things got cold.  The wind froze my hands and zapped my energy.  I lost any good momentum that I had and ending up cutting the run about a mile short.  I just wanted to get inside and get warm.

Sunday / 7 in 63:11
Did half the run on snow covered trails wearing Kathoola microspikes.  This was my first run wearing them.  That worked pretty good and allowed me to run on trails that would have been otherwise unrunnable.  Problem with this run was that is was freezing.  Thermometer read 0 when I woke up and made it all the way to 2 by the time I stepped out the door.  Bleepin' cold.

For the Week
56 miles in 5 runs
50 min bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: A cutback week for me is one in mileage.  I realized that on Thursday.  This week I was down 14 from last week--intentionally--but still had two intense workouts (Mon and Thurs).  I will try to get the mileage back up to near 70 for next week.  I haven't raced in a while and am hoping I'm putting some good runs in the bank for a couple of February races.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.10 to 1.16.11

Mon / 14 in 89:17 / core
Objective: 10 miles in 60:00
Actual: 10 in 60:15
Ben and I did the Foxboro 10 Mile course.  This was a real hard effort; I was pleased that I was able to pretty much maintain pace for the complete 10.  Some of those middle miles are rolling.  The last two are flat and we finished w/ a 5:45.  Our slowest was a 6:15.  I got better today.  
Tues / 6 in 46:46 / core
Easy day.  A relaxing, peaceful, and quiet run.  The calm before the storm.
Wed / 15 in 95:32 / snow removal replaces core
Objective: 3 x 2 miles @ 5:30 pace
Actual: 11:00, 11:00, 11:00 w/ 90-100 sec recovery between each
5 mile warmup, the workout, 5K+ cooldown.  I did a good portion of the last 5K at or below 6:30 pace.  I wanted to get the response of finishing my run on tired legs.  The two mile repeats went well.  
Thursday / 9.25 in 77:58 / core
No energy today.  Another head cold.  My 3rd in 3 months.  Very lethargic.
Friday / lifting / leg core (extra calf work)
No run today.
Saturday / 16.75 in 2:01.33
The mercury made it all the way up to 6 when I left the house for this one.  It didn't seem that cold, though.  I could only feel the temperature toward the end when I was running into a very slight headwind, just enough to freeze the hands.
Sunday / 9.5 in 75:15
Conservative estimate on the mileage.  I was going easy and part of the run was on snow covered trails, which inevitably slows things down.
For the Week
70 1/2 miles in 6 runs
4 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: A good week of training.  Monday and Wednesday were the best days.  I've been wanting to hit 70 for a few weeks now so was happy to do that.  Next week will be a cutback week, my first once since I started up the serious training post marathon.  In related news, Jen bought me a Netipot this week.  It better keep me healthy (supposed to be good for flushing out sinus congestion).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.3 to 1.9.11

M 1.3 / 11 in 78:37 / core
A rare road run w/ Ben.  Felt pretty crappy.  Tried out a pair of microspikes after the run.

T 1.4 / 3 in 22:30 / 30 min bike / core w/ extra calf emphasis
The hamstring was talking yesterday so I took it easy today and cut the run in half.  I did the bike right before the run to get it nice and warm.

W 1.5 / 12.25 in 80:43 / core
This is why we run.  Great day.  In the zone.  I was mentally ready to rock this one. Got exactly what I wanted to out of it. Kept getting faster and hit at least one mile in sub 6:00.  That mile came after some lady almost ran me over.  I slammed my hands on her trunk and she just kept going.  

T 1.6 / 12 in 75:55 / core
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 min pickups w/ 90 - 90 - 60 sec recovery
Felt like I got better today.  I did each pickup a little faster than the previous one, working from ~5:25 pace for the first one and ~5:11 pace for the last one.

F 1.7 / lift / core w/ extra calf emphasis
First day off from running since before Christmas.

S 1.8 / 19 in 2:17.35
Hybrid run.  Did 9 in the snow, then to the gym for 8 on the t'mill, then 2 more on the road.  Within the first mile, I took a spill on the covered sidewalk.  I'm getting better at these falls; this was probably the gentlest and most graceful one in my career... It took me about 50 minutes before I started to feel good.  I just couldn't get the consistent pace that I wanted to in the snowy conditions, so I hit the gym and averaged 6:23 pace for miles 9 to 17.  It was a pleasure to put in 19 then clear the driveway.

S 1.9 / 8.25 in 69:02
Not sure on the distance.  Tried running on trails but they were too slow and slippery.  The body was in slow mode today.  I was half expecting that.

For the Week
65 1/2 miles in 5 runs
30 mins on the bike
5 core workouts (2 w/ extra calf emphasis)
1 lifting sequence

Analysis: A pretty good week of training.  Wed, Thurs, and Sat were manly workouts.  Felt like I was getting my body in gear for a couple upcoming February races: Stew Chase 15K and Foxboro 10.  We'll see how all that sugars out.  Sunday's run got me excited about my forthcoming microspikes.  I think they will make winter trail running a bit easier.  I was craving the trails today but I just couldn't manage them.  My plan for the rest of January is to get in some good training.  I'm keeping my eye on New Bedford.

Question: does anybody want a free one year subscription to NE Runner?  I'm renewing and can give the gift of NE Runner for $2--consider it my little gift to you.  Just leave a comment or send me an email (see contact page)w/ your address.  Only catch is that you can't already be a subscriber to the mag.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Highlights

2010 was one of my best years yet.  I set a couple PR's and hit a yearly high for miles run.  Despite these modest personal accomplishments, the most enjoyable experiences were those that involved the Central Mass Striders.  Whether it was the GPS series or weekly runs w/ Ben, I had a great time running with these guys.  Everyone is encouraging, motivational, and inspiring.  Reading the blogs and hearing about the team's performances first hand is something that has become a part of my routine.  Running with these guys and for this team makes me a more accountable and better runner.  That said, here are some of my most memorable experiences of 2010.

1.  Bedford 12K  39:33 / 14th place / 5:19 pace
CMS won the team competition in this event and I contributed by scoring.  Having never run a 12K before this was an automatic PR, but I feel the time is legitimate no matter what.  I got in a zone and moved up throughout the race.  I remember being in disbelief as I came up on Joe Navas, Mike Quintal, and Greg Hammett.  I was in the zone for this won.

2.  Fairhaven Father's Day 5K  15:42 / 1st place / 5:05 pace / CR
I had been gearing my training for a fast 5K and it came together on this run.  I was so focused.  I was thinking PR or bust the whole way, and had the numerical image 15:4X burned into my frontal lobes.  Getting the CR and a bonus prize was nice too.  Now I'm thinking 15:3X for 2011.

3.  Philadelphia Marathon  2:36.18 / 29th place / 5:58 pace
A PR by over 3 and a half minutes.  Achieved a major running life goal of averaging sub 6:00s for a marathon.  I bonked in the last 3K.  That's okay, I left it all out there on the course.  


2010 miles for the year = 2858.10

That's a new yearly high for me.  Exactly 500.55 miles more than last year.  Needless to say, I'm cool with that.  Here are the last few years for comparison:

2009 - 2358.10
2008 - 2523.85
2007 - 651.55

Of course, what goes without saying is the real highlight, pictured below.  

Here's to a successful 2011 for all of you.  And may CMS take home the USATF-NE Grand Prix Championship.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This Week in Running: 12.27 to 1.2.11

Monday 12.27
AM: 15 in 1:59.57
PM: core
I knew this was going to be a tough one and it was.  It had stopped snowing but the wind was gusting.  Hard.  I considered waiting until later in the day but I'm glad I didn't b/c the wind never let up.  I did an out and back and the whole time I was going out I knew the way back was going to be tough.  For the first half I had the wind at my back.  I ran as hard as the conditions allowed (streets were slushy and parts were still snow covered).  When I made the turn for the back part of the run, I got smacked in the face by old man winter.  He was relentless the whole way home.  I tried running hard, yet at times I felt like I was jogging-not running-jogging in place.  It took me nearly 8 extra minutes to make it home and the effort was the same if not more intense.  Still, it felt good to do 15 (might've been more; I'm underestimating) and not wimp out when opportunities presented themselves.  Some memorable quotes and observations along the way.
1.  "You must be as cold as shit, dawg."
2.  Man shoveling in shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops.
3.  "You and the postman!"
Tuesday 12.28
AM: 10.25 in 76:23
PM: core
Hardest part was getting out the door.  Weather much nicer than yesterday.  Tuesday is my usual easy/recovery day, but I'm trying to go a little longer; hence, the double digit run.
Wednesday 12.29
AM: 11.5 miles
PM: core
This run didn't go as planned.  Disaster.  I wanted to do 7 miles of threshold work but the legs and body weren't having it.  Haven't shaken the headcold quite yet.
Thursday 12.30
AM: 13.75 miles in 96 minutes
PM: core
Felt much better today, especially during the second half of the run.  Distance is a low-ball estimate.  Cobb Creek recreation path is a nice place to run.
Friday 12.31
AM: 4.5 miles
Stride Session: striders, high knees, butt kicks, a-skips, b-skips.
I tweaked my left hamstring a little bit on the hard strides.  
Saturday 1.1
AM: 14.5 in 1:46.38
Slower and shorter than I wanted due to the achy hamstring from yesterday.  I'm going to be cautious and not run the BU mini-meet tomorrow.
Sunday 1.2
AM: 7 in 53:05
Fog run.  Hamstring still a little tender so I took it easy even though the body was rearing to go.  

For the Week
76 1/2 miles on 6 runs
4 core workouts

Analysis: Fairly happy with the # of miles.  The tweaking of the left hamstring on Friday altered the end of the week.  It made for a cautious and conservative weekend.  Very republican of me. It was difficult to get in any type of speed work this week.  The tracks were covered and I didn't have any PA street loops marked.  I ended up doing tempo runs for the most part.  Once the h'string is ready, I need to get back into some faster repeats.