Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Highlights

2010 was one of my best years yet.  I set a couple PR's and hit a yearly high for miles run.  Despite these modest personal accomplishments, the most enjoyable experiences were those that involved the Central Mass Striders.  Whether it was the GPS series or weekly runs w/ Ben, I had a great time running with these guys.  Everyone is encouraging, motivational, and inspiring.  Reading the blogs and hearing about the team's performances first hand is something that has become a part of my routine.  Running with these guys and for this team makes me a more accountable and better runner.  That said, here are some of my most memorable experiences of 2010.

1.  Bedford 12K  39:33 / 14th place / 5:19 pace
CMS won the team competition in this event and I contributed by scoring.  Having never run a 12K before this was an automatic PR, but I feel the time is legitimate no matter what.  I got in a zone and moved up throughout the race.  I remember being in disbelief as I came up on Joe Navas, Mike Quintal, and Greg Hammett.  I was in the zone for this won.

2.  Fairhaven Father's Day 5K  15:42 / 1st place / 5:05 pace / CR
I had been gearing my training for a fast 5K and it came together on this run.  I was so focused.  I was thinking PR or bust the whole way, and had the numerical image 15:4X burned into my frontal lobes.  Getting the CR and a bonus prize was nice too.  Now I'm thinking 15:3X for 2011.

3.  Philadelphia Marathon  2:36.18 / 29th place / 5:58 pace
A PR by over 3 and a half minutes.  Achieved a major running life goal of averaging sub 6:00s for a marathon.  I bonked in the last 3K.  That's okay, I left it all out there on the course.  


2010 miles for the year = 2858.10

That's a new yearly high for me.  Exactly 500.55 miles more than last year.  Needless to say, I'm cool with that.  Here are the last few years for comparison:

2009 - 2358.10
2008 - 2523.85
2007 - 651.55

Of course, what goes without saying is the real highlight, pictured below.  

Here's to a successful 2011 for all of you.  And may CMS take home the USATF-NE Grand Prix Championship.


DoubleJ said...

Heck yeah! Let's attack this GP this year... no lookin' back! Nice year last year...but this year will be even better dude....Lets do this!

J.Fyffe said...

I am in.

DoubleJ said...

I freakin' hope so... if you weren't, we'd have North Medford Club as our main rival instead of BAA ;)

KG said...

I think we're primed for the GPS. Stay healthy and let's roll.

Greg said...

You ran awesome at Bedford! I'm in too!!

Glenn said...

"The real highlight" looks bundled and ready for wintah. Cute! Congrats on a great year.

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