Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.17 to 1.23.11

This week is a cutback week.  My 2011 plan includes going hard for 3-4 weeks then cutting back for one.

Monday / 13 in 90:39 / core
10 x 3 min w/ 2 min recovery
Ben and I nearly froze our noses off on the "warm"up, but things weren't so bad once we got started, even though it was freezing.  The coldest run of the year.  We did the repeats at a good hard clip on the road perimeter of Bird Park.

Tuesday / 10.25 in 68:21 / core
10 mile progression run.  Started in mid-high 7:00s and ended in low 6:00s.  Encouraging: this 10 seemed pretty easy.  I guess I'm used to doing 12+ on non-cutback weeks.

Wednesday / bike 50 min / core
Bike replaces run on cutback week.

Thursday / 10.25 in 74:34 / core
Objective: 3 x 1 mile sub 5:20
Actual: 5:37, 5:36, 5:37
I did the "miles" on a road loop that I haven't measured since the summer.  I couldn't quite remember the start and end point (the loop is 1.1), so I winged it.  The repeats were intense.  I worked hard on each one.  Therefore, I'm hoping it was a long mile.

Friday / lifting and leg core w/ extra calf emphasis
Off day (cutback)

Saturday / 15.5 in 1:52.18
Slow start, good middle, tough ending.  After about 30 mins, I started to feel good and got moving.  Then at about 80 mins, I took a turn and things got cold.  The wind froze my hands and zapped my energy.  I lost any good momentum that I had and ending up cutting the run about a mile short.  I just wanted to get inside and get warm.

Sunday / 7 in 63:11
Did half the run on snow covered trails wearing Kathoola microspikes.  This was my first run wearing them.  That worked pretty good and allowed me to run on trails that would have been otherwise unrunnable.  Problem with this run was that is was freezing.  Thermometer read 0 when I woke up and made it all the way to 2 by the time I stepped out the door.  Bleepin' cold.

For the Week
56 miles in 5 runs
50 min bike
5 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: A cutback week for me is one in mileage.  I realized that on Thursday.  This week I was down 14 from last week--intentionally--but still had two intense workouts (Mon and Thurs).  I will try to get the mileage back up to near 70 for next week.  I haven't raced in a while and am hoping I'm putting some good runs in the bank for a couple of February races.

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