Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.24 to 1.30.11

Monday - 10 in 67:15 / core
I bagged out of my run with Ben.  I felt so guilty about it that I then willed myself through ten on the t'mill.  I have a major headcold that is wiping me out.  J was pretty upset with me for running.  I kinda liked that (she cares).

Tuesday - chiro visit / nothing else
Took a goose egg today.  Still with the headcold.  Felt lethargic and sleepy all day at work.  No energy, except to blow my nose.  By bedtime, I felt a little better.  Maybe J is right: taking a day off might do some good.

Wednesday - 10 in 77:17 / core
I thought the snow wasn't suppose to come until after midnight?!  Conditions were rough.  I grabbed the microspikes and headed out to the trails.  I could only run on them for so long before it just got too dark (even though the snow was helping keep things light).  I had fun; I just couldn't go that fast.

Thursday - 14.25 in 90:04 / core
14 x 90 sec hard w/ 90 sec recovery
I've been wanting to do this workout for the last ten days or so.  It came together today.  Lots of recovery, but I worked pretty hard on the repeats.  I planned on doing 12-14 reps and ended up going out to the higher end.  In the zone today.  Then I cleared the driveway.

Friday - 3 easy ones / lifting / calf strengthening
Chased three miles after lifting today.

Saturday - 7.25 in 57:59
Had to work today, so I did this run early in the morning.  Finished before the sun was up.  Peaceful.  Hardly any cars.

Sunday - 17 in 1:59.41
A pretty good run.  At some points I felt crappy at others I felt good.  The run ended on a good note.  The pace was medium/hard throughout.  Cold at the end.

For the Week
61 1/2 miles on 6 runs
3 core workouts
1 lifting sequence
Analysis: Did not get the miles I wanted to this week, and I attribute that to Monday and Tuesday.  I probably lost close to ten miles between those two days, but I think it was what I needed to do to shake the headcold.  Thursday's workout was the highlight of the week.  I will try to get close to seventy next week with two high quality days and a race on Sunday.  Haven't raced yet this year; I'm looking forward to it.

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