Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week in Running: 1.3 to 1.9.11

M 1.3 / 11 in 78:37 / core
A rare road run w/ Ben.  Felt pretty crappy.  Tried out a pair of microspikes after the run.

T 1.4 / 3 in 22:30 / 30 min bike / core w/ extra calf emphasis
The hamstring was talking yesterday so I took it easy today and cut the run in half.  I did the bike right before the run to get it nice and warm.

W 1.5 / 12.25 in 80:43 / core
This is why we run.  Great day.  In the zone.  I was mentally ready to rock this one. Got exactly what I wanted to out of it. Kept getting faster and hit at least one mile in sub 6:00.  That mile came after some lady almost ran me over.  I slammed my hands on her trunk and she just kept going.  

T 1.6 / 12 in 75:55 / core
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 min pickups w/ 90 - 90 - 60 sec recovery
Felt like I got better today.  I did each pickup a little faster than the previous one, working from ~5:25 pace for the first one and ~5:11 pace for the last one.

F 1.7 / lift / core w/ extra calf emphasis
First day off from running since before Christmas.

S 1.8 / 19 in 2:17.35
Hybrid run.  Did 9 in the snow, then to the gym for 8 on the t'mill, then 2 more on the road.  Within the first mile, I took a spill on the covered sidewalk.  I'm getting better at these falls; this was probably the gentlest and most graceful one in my career... It took me about 50 minutes before I started to feel good.  I just couldn't get the consistent pace that I wanted to in the snowy conditions, so I hit the gym and averaged 6:23 pace for miles 9 to 17.  It was a pleasure to put in 19 then clear the driveway.

S 1.9 / 8.25 in 69:02
Not sure on the distance.  Tried running on trails but they were too slow and slippery.  The body was in slow mode today.  I was half expecting that.

For the Week
65 1/2 miles in 5 runs
30 mins on the bike
5 core workouts (2 w/ extra calf emphasis)
1 lifting sequence

Analysis: A pretty good week of training.  Wed, Thurs, and Sat were manly workouts.  Felt like I was getting my body in gear for a couple upcoming February races: Stew Chase 15K and Foxboro 10.  We'll see how all that sugars out.  Sunday's run got me excited about my forthcoming microspikes.  I think they will make winter trail running a bit easier.  I was craving the trails today but I just couldn't manage them.  My plan for the rest of January is to get in some good training.  I'm keeping my eye on New Bedford.

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