Monday, February 21, 2011

Foxboro Old Fashioned Ten Miler

The Skinny
10 mile time - 56:58
place - 15th
pace - 5:42
1- 5.43
2 - 5.21
3 - 5.39
4 - 6.01 (boo)
5 - 5.34
6 - 5.46
7 - 5.54
8 - 5.52
9 - 5.38

Race Report
Met up w/ Martin Tighe and the CMS Crew (Jim Pawlicki, Dan Verrington, Joe Shairs, Greg Ward) for a warmup.  This was going to be a cold and windy one.  After going our separate ways to melt some snowbanks, we reconvened inside for last minute prep.

the race
Ruben Sanca took it out and nobody went with him. A BAA contigent formed a pack, which was led by Justin Fyffe, who I must say doesn't look nearly as handsome in yellow as he did in navy blue, and a few other top local guys.  I felt my best over the first mile.  Feeling good, I was disappointed to see a 5:43 split.  I was hoping for something sub 5:40.  I picked it up going into mile two and with a generous downhill hit 5:21.  That was good but my legs were already feeling spent.  I remember thinking to myself: why are my legs this tired this early?

A little bit after two, the Polish Hammer (Jim Pawlicki) came up on me.  We chatted for a second and ran  mile three together.   We both noticed that Greg Ward was looking smooth and strong.  Then Jim dropped me.  Mile four is an uphill bear and I just couldn't get my legs to move.

At mile 5, Diana Bowser came up on me.  She woke me up and we ran together, closing the gap on the guy ahead of us (Anthony Keller), for the next mile.  Then I fell off again.  I could see Jim running up ahead with GBTC's Eric Mendoza and those guys were looking strong, but I couldn't close the gap to them.

I trudged through the next two miles, just hoping to get to eight with something left in the tank.  With two to go, I actually started to feel better and picked it up.  By this time Keller was long gone, but Bowser was still in sight.  I made the pass a little after nine and finished the race with a 5:31 mile, the second fastest of the race.

My left arch stiffened immediately upon completion of the race.  I don't know what's up with that.  But after getting back inside to put some more clothes on, I did a nice easy cooldown with Jim, Joe, and Dan.  It's always good to catch up with the CMS guys to see what's new.  My left arch/heel has been very stiff since the race and I'm a little concerned about it.

Overall, I was hoping to be 80-90 seconds faster than I raced.  Yes, the course was challenging and the conditions weren't great (wind), but is it harder than Amherst where I ran a minute faster 51 weeks ago?  No excuses.  I need to train harder, faster, and smarter.

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