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Chapter 15: Ryan Jenkins

This chapter from Beads of Sweat is a biography of Ryan Jenkins.  In time, all of the athletes will be featured in his own chapter.  To access previous chapters of the novel, click on the Fiction tab up top.

2009-2010 Goal Sheet for Runners

Name: Ryan Jenkins
Phone #: 508-555-3591
Address: 18 Whippet St.
Parents’ Names: Bill and Sue Jenkins
Current PR’s:
2 mile-9:29.3
Goals for This Year:
I want to be a state champion.  Ever since my freshmen year, I made this my goal.  I’ve improved steadily every year (minus the injury during indoor of my jr. year) and feel ready to bring it to the next level.  I don’t care about anything under a mile.  I think I can get close to 4:10 or 12 in the mile.  I really hit it last year with a 6 second PR at the class meet.  Still upset I didn’t make it to States.  That won’t happen this year.  For the deuce, I’d like to get sub 9:15.  Most importantly is my cross PR. On a fast course in good conditions, I can go 15:10.  I know it.  I’ve been working my ass off this summer.  The base is there.  I’m ready to handle an increased workload so bring it on, Coach!
Describe Your Summer Training:
I took the plan we made together at the end of outdoor and did it pretty much to the T.  In July I did 40, 45, 50, 55.  Then in August I did 48, 54, 58, 62.  I took it easy the week before Camp.  I’m stretching more and did strides on my own for the first time ever.  I also worked on my pushups and situps.  That was obvious from the conditioning test you gave us.  This year I want to be a leader.  Not a rah-rah guy like Smitty, though.  I want to lead by example.  I want the underclassmen to see me and be like “oh damn” this kid can bring it.  I want to be the team leader that Mebkay and Liston were for me my freshman year.  I looked at them and said, “Wow.  I hope I can be that good someday.”  Well, guess what? I’ve been working at it and with any luck, I can take down some of their times.  Maybe even get my name on the board.
Lifetime Goals (running and non-running):
Running-wise, my goal for the year is to win a state championship and get a full-scholarship to a division 1 school.  I want to be recruited by and run for one of the best schools in the country.  Colorado, Arkansas, Stanford, Oregon, Michigan, Providence.  Those are some of the big names I’m looking at.  If that doesn’t work, my backup plan would be to go to a school like Stonehill or Adams State or even UMASS-Lowell.  I know I need to better my current times and place at major meets to get recognized by a D1 coach.  Beyond next year and college, I hope to continue to run.  I would love to qualify for the Olympic Trials and maybe even win a gold medal someday. I figure the sky’s the limit for me.
Nonrunning-wise, my first goal would be to graduate, go to college, and graduate from college.  If I’m not running professionally, I don’t know what I’ll be doing.  I think I would at least like to become a coach.  If that doesn’t happen, maybe something in the sciences.  I got an A in chem. last year.
Academic Interests:
science, gym, lunch
running and talking about running at Cinders
Do you have a job?  If yes, how many hours a week?:
I had a summer job at Oak Grove Golf Course.  I caddied and did odd jobs in the clubhouse.  I’m not working during cross season.  Like you said, school and running are my two jobs now.
Favorite Athlete:
Proudest Moment:
The 4:22 at class last year (even though it didn’t get me to States).  Also, making the varsity team as seventh man my freshman year. 

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